The Best Electric Garage Heater – Reviewed

 We all hate the cold weather when it makes your garage space frigid and uncomfortable. You cannot work in such an unproductive environment, making it a cause of concern.


In such a situation, you need an electric garage heater to help you keep your space warm. Only then will you be able to perform your job comfortably. Electric heaters are powered through electricity, so you can set them up in any garage with a power outlet.


You can find the best electric garage heater for your space. The space available will determine what size or type you should get.


Before we acquaint you with some of the best electric garage heaters on the market, we would like you to know about the types of heaters available.


Types of Heaters


There is no doubt that all electric garage heaters function the same way. Nevertheless, you will mostly come across three of their kinds:


  •     Fan-forced
  •     Infrared
  •     Ceramic


Let us tell you more about all of them.


Fan-Forced Heaters


These heaters have an electric heating element, which helps them heat the surroundings rapidly. They also have a fan that performs the task of forcing hot air into the surroundings. These heaters will warm up the air, causing a rise in the room’s temperature.


However, this kind of heater takes longer to warm up your garage. They are not much more effective compared to ceramic heaters.


If your workspace is small and you can patiently wait for it to warm up, this can be an ideal choice. If not, you might want to know about infrared and ceramic heaters.


Infrared Heaters


Infrared, radiant, or quartz heaters generate radiant heat that quickly warms up your garage. Unlike the fan-forced heaters, they start heating the surroundings instantly with their high heat intensity.


There is one thing that you should know about these heaters. They don’t actually warm up the air within your garage. As a matter of fact, they warm up the physical objects that come in contact with the infrared waves.


It does not mean that you will not feel warmth in your garage. It only means that the temperature of the ambient air will not change. So, when you switch it off, the temperature of the physical objects will drop down quickly, leaving your space cold once again.


We won’t say that infrared heaters are the best electric garage heaters. If you have a lot of physical objects in your garage, these heaters will not be very effective.


Ceramic Heaters


The functioning of the ceramic heaters is quite similar to the fan-forced heaters, except that they use a ceramic heating element instead of a metal one. They are built in a way that they heat large spaces more effectively than fan-forced heaters.


If you have a large workspace, you should, undoubtedly, look for the best electric garage heaters of this kind.


When it comes to purchasing an electric heater, you must consider a few things. These will help you determine the best option for your workspace. 



Things To Consider Before Getting The Best Electric Garage Heater

Before spending a hefty sum on an electric heater, you should educate yourself about some shopping prerequisites, such as:


Garage Size


If you know the size of your garage, it will be easier to select the best heater. If you have a bigger space, you will need a powerful unit.


If you don’t consider your garage size, you will be left with nothing but a cold working environment. Other than that, you will also pity yourself for having spent money on the wrong product.


You can choose a heater by following a simple rule – for every 10 watts of output, you can warm up a space of 1 square foot. You should also keep in mind the space that is in use. If you are using only a fraction of the area, a small heater will also do the job.


Portable/Mounted Heaters


The next thing you need to do is, choose between the portable or the mounted heaters. If you prefer to find the best electric garage heater that can stand on the ground or table, you can look for portable ones.


On the contrary, if you wish to have a wall-mounted or a ceiling alternative, mounted heaters are what you need.


Adjustable Thermostat


It is best if you pick a heater with an adjustable thermostat. Those having a built-in adjustable thermostat can monitor the room’s temperature. They will turn themselves off when the room’s temperature is too high and vice versa.


You can choose the ideal temperature of the garage, and they will heat the ambient air until it reaches that temperature. If your garage is in a very cold area that requires heating for 24 hours, you should look for heaters having a built-in adjustable thermostat.




Maintenance is another factor that you should consider. All electrical appliances require maintenance every once in a while. If you are looking for an ideal electric garage heater that will last long, it will definitely require cleaning and maintenance every now and then.


You can also opt to get a less durable heater, but you will have to spend money to purchase a new one after a couple of years. Therefore, it’s ideal to go for a durable one in the first place.


Safety Feature


The best electric garage heaters have top-class safety features. However, if these are not installed or used properly, they can cause trouble. Therefore, you should look for an appliance that is accident-proof. Some characteristic features of the good heaters are their tip over mechanisms, protection from overheating, and cool-touch features.


After all this knowledge, you can easily look for the right electric garage heater for you. To make it more simple, we have reviewed some of the best ones out there.

Our Top Picks

Here are our top picks in terms of garage heaters:


Heat Storm HS-1500-PHX-WIFI Infrared Heater

Heat Storm HS-1500-PHX-WIFI Infrared Heater

This infrared heater will offer you power of 1500 MW. You can also connect it with wifi so you can access it from your phone, Google Assistant, or Alexa.


If you are looking for a heater with a built-in thermostat, it is probably the best electric garage heater you can find on the market. It will let you maintain the desired room temperature and also comes with a child lock. You can use this feature to prevent anyone from changing your desired room temperature levels.


You don’t need to hardwire it into your electrical system, which makes the setup or installation hassle-free.



Product Specifications


  •     Type: Infrared
  •     Style: Wall-mounted
  •     Wattage: 1,500



  •     WiFi-enabled
  •     Great appearance
  •     Temperature ranges between 44 to 90 degrees



  •     The power cord is short


Overall, Heat Storm offers a great product choice. It has a neat template and a perfect built-in level, ensuring that it hangs properly on the wall. The only downside of this heater is its short power cord.


Nevertheless, it proves to be the best electric garage heater to keep your workspace warm.


Lasco Ceramic 755320 Space Heaters

Lasco Ceramic 755320 Space Heaters

If you require a portable heater for your garage, you can definitely consider getting this one. It has an oscillation feature so that the heat can spread throughout. You can fix a low temperature, or you can go as high as 1500 MW power output.


It comes with a built-in handle, making it easy to carry around the garage. It has a remote control and numerous safety features. Additionally, it includes an adjustable thermostat that allows easier temperature control.


The safety feature includes protection from overheating and a cool-touch exterior. It means that you can carry this heater even when it is in use without the fear of getting burned.


Product Specifications


  •     Type: Convection
  •     Style: Portable
  •     Wattage: 1,500



  •     Produces heat without making much noise.
  •     The oscillation mode helps in spreading the heat evenly in the workspace.
  •     The remote comes in handy to change the settings and adjust the room temperature.




  •     Does not turn off when someone tips it over.


The feature of quietly heating the space is what we found most convenient about this heater. It will transform the cold air into warm air without making much noise. The oscillation function is even better because it helps spread heat fast across the entire space.


Because of these reasons, we have placed this heater in the category of the best electric garage heaters.


Aikoper Space Heater

Aikoper Space Heater

This heater is again 1500 MW and makes a perfect choice for the people who do not want to deal with the problem of hardwiring or mounting it, making it one of the best electric garage heaters on the market.


You only have to plug its cord into the nearest electrical outlet. After that, you can set the temperature on the adjustable digital thermostat. It will enable you to heat your garage to the temperature you desire.


It also has an ECO mode that will automatically switch on or off the heater as per the requirements. Besides, it comes with a stay-cool body that prevents it from heating up too much.


Product Specifications


  •     Type: Convection
  •     Style: Portable
  •     Wattage: 900 to 1,500 watts





  •     You can easily set it to low, high or digital settings.
  •     It has an oscillation feature that helps in spreading heat rapidly.
  •     It comes with a safety feature that turns it off when tipped over.




  •     Its remote control is not efficient.


On testing, the Aikoper space heater worked as expected. It heats up the space really fast with the help of its oscillation feature. The only problem is its remote control, which often stops working.

Broan NuTone 198 High-Capacity Wall Heater

Broan NuTone 198 High-Capacity Wall Heater

The next one on our list of the best electric garage heaters is the Broan NuTone 198 high-capacity wall heater. It is a perfect choice if you need a wall-mounted electric heater. You can plug it directly into the outlet or get it hardwired into the electrical systems.


It is a fan-forced device with a heavy-duty 18-gauge steel grill. It also has an adjustable thermostat on the front. There are downflow louvers in the grill directing the airflow towards the ground. So, it is in your best interest to install it higher on the wall.


Product Specifications


  •     Type: Fan-forced
  •     Style: In-wall mount
  •     Wattage: 4,000 at 240V



  •     It offers you flexible voltage.
  •     It has a heavy-duty construction.
  •     You can access it easily when cleaning it.



  •     It requires 240V for full capability.


Broan NuTone really proves to be the best electric garage heater because of its heavy-duty model. The flexible voltages are really the most likable feature of this heater.


Dr Infrared Heater DR-988 Heater

Dr Infrared Heater DR-988 Heater


If you enjoy radiant heat, you should consider buying a Dr infrared DR-988 heater as it is one of the best electric garage heaters on the market. It is a 240 Volt device that comes with a cord. It already has a plug attached, which most heaters generally don’t have. 


You can set it up to your desired temperature, and it will heat up the spaces in a blink of an eye. It has a built-in thermostat that will maintain the room temperature according to your requirements.


Product Specifications


  •     Type: Infrared and forced hot air
  •     Style: Portable
  •     Wattage: 5,600 Watts




  •     It is more powerful when compared to the other models.
  •     It has a hassle-free setup process.
  •     It has a compact design.




  •     You may not necessarily have the receptacle required for its functioning.


All in all, if you need the best electric garage heater at a fair price, this is the one!

It’s A Wrap!

An electric garage heater will offer you a warm place to work year-round. However, you should not invest in any appliance without being informed. We hope that we offered you adequate help in finding the best electric garage heater.


You can get one of these heaters for your space after considering their pros and cons. They are simple to install and serve their purpose well. Additionally, these are affordable and widely available in the market.


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