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Cybersecurity and attacks in 2024 and beyond

Cybersecurity Threats: Protecting Yourself and Business from Cyber Attacks

In the ever-evolving landscape of 2024, the significance of cybersecurity has reached unprecedented heights. As businesses and individuals become increasingly reliant on digital technologies, the threat landscape has grown more sophisticated and diverse. The purpose of this article is to provide a comprehensive exploration of the cybersecurity threats looming in 2024 and the years to …

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Should You Change Your Channel?

Everything You Should Know About A Network Adapter

You’ve probably come across talks regarding network adapters if you’ve ever tried to resolve a networking problem. So, what are they, and why do you need them on your computer? Let’s look at it more closely. What is A Network Adapter One of the many components that connect us to the Internet is network adapters, …

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What is a Modem

Modem Vs. Router Vs. Switch – A Comparison Guide

Hopping on your browser, streaming movies, games, music, and more seamlessly via Wi-Fi or the internet seems easy, right? Well, yes, it is when you have a network that is equipped with must-have devices.   Modems, routers, and switches are some of the most common elements of a networking system. But how can you differentiate …

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How Does a Wireless Charging Mouse Pad Work

Best Wireless Charging Mouse Pads Reviewed

Technology advances more and more each day. Entering our third decade into this century, the spotlight falls on wireless technology.   One of the latest wireless technology creations is the wireless charging mouse pad. This fantastic invention allows your mouse pad to charge the supported wireless charging-capable devices.   Not so long ago, they were …

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What Is a Wireless Network Card

How to Choose the Right Wireless Networking Card for a Laptop

The question of how to choose the right wireless networking card for a laptop can be a bit overwhelming, especially to those who aren’t familiar with the topic. After all, no one wants to purchase the wrong part for their computer and have to stress over trying to return it and find the right one. …

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What is Jamming and How Does It Work

Protecting Your WiFi from Jamming: Tips & Tricks to Stay Protected

It’s hard to imagine, but WiFi jamming is a real thing. It’s an easy way for someone to intercept the signal of any wireless local area network that they come across. The WiFi networks that you’re trying so hard to protect are constantly being targeted by these jammers, and it can be really difficult to …

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Why You Might Need to Reset Your Spectrum WiFi Network

How to Reset Your Spectrum WiFi Network: A Guide for You

It is important to reset your spectrum WiFi if you are experiencing problems that can occur when someone else tries to log in before you do or if they have reset the network themselves. The resetting process takes just a few minutes and will ensure that no one can access your network again without your …

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Inkjet vs Laser: The Ultimate Showdown

What’s The Best Printer for Home and Home Office Use?

There is a good chance if you are working at a desk job you are also working from home. There are plenty of aspects about the office some of us don’t miss as much or use, however, one aspect we all still need for our tasks is the almighty printer! With many responsibilities being localized …

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Does Having Too Many Devices on WiFi Slow It Down

Explained: Does Having Too Many Devices on WiFi Slow It Down?

WiFi is a convenient way to connect to the internet. It is available in many public places, such as airports, coffee shops, and schools. You can also use WiFi to connect your devices at home. However, if you have more than one device on your WiFi network, you may have noticed that it’s not always …

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