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Cryptocurrency and NFTs

Benefits of Having an NFT Whitelist Spot

How to Get Whitelisted NFT? Here is What to Do

Are you interested in gaining profit from your NFT crypto assets? By getting whitelisted for an NFT project, you can become one of the early supporters, which means less costs and more gains. However, understanding NFT whitelisting may be challenging, especially if you aren’t familiar with handling digital assets. Doing your own research is always …

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Preparing for Cryptocurrency Mining

How to Mine Cryptocurrency on iPhone

Whenever we think of cryptocurrency mining, our minds usually go to images of a person sitting on their computer working with mining hardware and software. However, you can mine cryptocurrencies on your iPhone. In fact, your smartphone can be a tool to help you improve your portfolio. Although mining on a mobile device is convenient, …

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Ways to Become a Crypto Millionaire

How to Become a Millionaire in Cryptocurrency

Because of their successful investments, a few bitcoin traders have become crypto millionaires. However, many people have learned that crypto is a steep learning curve by losing money. Attempting to get rich by trading in cryptocurrency is not a viable option because many people have lost significant sums by trying to make a quick profit. …

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What Is Cryptocurrency?

How to Calculate Crypto Profit?

You have been crypto trading for a while now and don’t know how to calculate crypto profit? Do not worry, as we have you covered with the best ways of calculating profit. From trading to long-term investment, your digital asset profits can accumulate in several ways. Many people think that the calculation of gains from …

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Crypto Binance Etherium - Fundamentals of Crypto Transfers

How to Send Crypto from Uphold?

Nobody could have expected how much blockchain would grow and how many cryptocurrencies would be invented when the Bitcoin network was first officially introduced. Nearly 10 years after the cryptocurrency revolution began, traders had the option to diversify their cryptocurrency portfolio with access to a wide variety of coins and tokens. But what if there …

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The Best Time Of The Year To Buy Cryptocurrency

What is Slippage in Crypto?

Many brokers have you fix a slippage percentage when buying crypto online. Slippage is the difference between the market price and the transaction price of crypto trading. Let’s understand this with an example. Say you placed an order for $10, but by the time the transaction happened, for certain reasons, the price increased to $11. …

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What Is Futures Contract Chart, and Why Does It Concern Your Portfolio

Why Is The Bitcoin Futures Curve So Steep? Analysis and Explanations

You can profit from Bitcoin futures by following the “cash and hold arbitrage” method that delivers at least a 25% yield annually. But the question is, how long should one wait until the market stabilizes? And how should one approach the possible ups and downs of the futures markets? The apparent unpredictability coupled with the …

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What is CumRocket Crypto?

Is Toyswap Crypto Legit? Find Out Here!

Thousands of perfectly good toys, if not more, are thrown out every year just because they are old and not usable anymore. But, what if you could get rid of your old toys and exchange them for new ones? Apparently, Toyswap was a crypto exchange platform based on the idea of buying, selling, and trading …

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Things to Keep in Mind Before Purchasing Eclipse

Here’s How to Buy Eclipse Crypto

Eclipse is a Binance Smart Blockchain currency. The Eclipse Corporation promotes utility systems for the BSC token market, which is why it rewards its owners in various ways when they make a transaction. For example, each transaction comes with a 6% fee, of which 3% is distributed among all token holders. The remaining 3% is …

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How to Invest in Cryptocurrency

How to Invest in Cryptocurrency if Under 18?

The cryptocurrency realm is not only ever-growing but also fascinating. Cryptocurrency has entered the mainstream as an investment asset with massive potential for growth. If you want to add some to your portfolio, it might be tough to know where to begin. There is nothing such as an age barrier or learning limit for cryptocurrencies. …

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