Here’s How to Buy Eclipse Crypto

Eclipse is a Binance Smart Blockchain currency. The Eclipse Corporation promotes utility systems for the BSC token market, which is why it rewards its owners in various ways when they make a transaction.

For example, each transaction comes with a 6% fee, of which 3% is distributed among all token holders. The remaining 3% is divided in half again and given to BNB.

Do you want to learn how to purchase and sell Eclipse Crypto? Find out more here.


Things to Keep in Mind Before Purchasing Eclipse

Despite the overall trend of bitcoin depreciation in 2019, a few coins have garnered a high momentum. They not only serve to be a good long-term and short-term investment but also provide high returns on investment.

Do not focus on current market prices because this index is subject to high volatility and can change drastically within a few weeks. Consider the following things:

  •     Market capitalization — To calculate the total market cap of all digital currencies and analyze the trading activity and market cap. A vast market cap indicates many cryptocurrencies engaged in active transactions, which increases investor interest.

The higher the liquidity level, the sooner you can trade the coin at market price. The most popular cryptocurrencies, such as Ethereum and Bitcoin, have high liquidity rates.

The amount of transactions with specific cryptos done on exchanges during a given period is trading activity. This indicator depicts the actual demand for particular cryptocurrencies among traders.


Where To Buy Eclipse Token?

The interest and value in Eclipse are steadily rising. Where no crypto token has delivered a decent return in 2022, Eclipse seems to be doing pretty well.

So, where can you get your hands on some Eclipse coins?

You can now purchase Eclipse Coin on the Binance cryptocurrency exchange since it is one of the biggest and most reliable crypto exchanges.

Yes, Eclipse is not currently available on specific platforms. However, there are chances that you might not see Eclipse on other popular exchanges, like Coinbase, until 2022.

Here’s a list of cryptocurrency exchanges where you can purchase Eclipse coins.

  •       Binance
  •       KuCoin
  •       Huobi Global


Step-By-Step Guide to Purchase Eclipse Token

Here is an excellent step-by-step guide to buying Eclipse.

1.   Install the TrustWallet.

How to Install the TrustWallet

To begin, you must download Trust Wallet. You may save your favorite tokens in Trust Wallet. It also includes a DApp browser, from which you can utilize PancakeSwap to exchange BNB or Ethereum for other tickets.

Search for “Trust Wallet” on the App Store or Google Play Store. Then, download the first result from the search. After installing Trust Wallet, you must create a new wallet.

Trust Wallet will provide you with a recovery phrase during the wallet creation procedure. Please make a note of the recovery phrase and save it somewhere secure. Finally, you must validate your recovery phrase to finish the wallet creation procedure.


2.   Use Binance to Purchase BNB

After making your Trust Wallet, the next stage is to purchase BNB, as Eclipse is only accessible through BNB.

You may buy BNB via Binance or even one of Trust Wallet’s vendors. However, both serve as reliable options for acquiring BNB. Most crypto traders prefer Binance due to its secure algorithm.

Purchasing BNB from Binance is strongly recommended due to the low fee of just 0.1%. On the other side, Trust Wallet operators can charge up to 6% fees.


3.   Download The Smart Chain address and paste it into Trust Wallet

After you’ve built your Trust Wallet, you’ll need to transfer your Smart Chain address onto it. On your screen, you will see a variety of cryptocurrencies.

  •       Within your Smart Chain wallet, you will notice four icons: “Transfer,” “Receive,” “Clone,” and “Extra.”
  •       Tap the “Transfer” icon to duplicate your Smart Chain link to your device’s clipboard.
  •       Keep the address somewhere secure.


4.   Transfer Your BNB

How to Transfer Your BNB

Now that you have Binance and Trust Wallet and a Smart Chain address.

The following steps will aid you in moving the BNB from Binance to your Trust Account.

  •       Tap the “Withdraw” option in your Binance account.
  •       It will direct you to the “Withdraw BNB” page.
  •       There are several fields on that page, including “Address,” “Network,” and “Amount.”
  •       We urged you to store your Smart Chain address if you recall securely.
  •       Copy and paste your Smart Chain link into the address area on the “Withdraw BNB” page.
  •       Check that the “Network” setting is “BEP20 (BSC).”
  •       Finally, specify the amount of BNB you want to withdraw.
  •       When you click “Withdraw,” You will transfer your BNB to your account on the intelligent chain network.
  •       The complete procedure isn’t time-consuming and will get done under 30 minutes.


5.   Copy The Address of Your Eclipse Token

You must now note down your Eclipse token’s URL address.

Later on, you’ll need the address to transfer it into Trust Wallet.

To begin, click on this URL and type “Eclipse.”

Go down to the “Contract Terms” tab on the Eclipse coin.

Then, hit the replicate button to replicate Eclipse’s contractual address.


6.   List Eclipse On Trust Wallet

After saving it, you may now export the Eclipse token’s contractual address into Trust Wallet.

To do so, launch Trust Wallet and go to your wallet.

Then, in the upper right of your screen, hit the Settings symbol.

The “Edit” page will be displayed once you press the Settings screen.

You’ll notice a list of tokens that you may allow or deactivate on the “Settings” tab.

Enter Eclipse’s contractual address into the search bar.

Finally, press the button to add the Eclipse token to your account.

Eclipse is now available in your Trust Wallet wallet.


7.   Activate DApp Browser on Trust Wallet

The next thing to do is to enable the Trust Wallet DApp application.

The DApp browser lets you access decentralized applications such as PancakeSwap on Trust Wallet.

You won’t be able to utilize them until you enable the DApp browser.

To use the DApp browser, launch a web browser.

Next, type “trust:/browser activate” into the browser’s URL box.

Then, press “Next” after “Enter” to access the Trust Wallet screen.

You’ve successfully activated the Trust Wallet DApp client!


8.   Exchange BNB Token for Eclipse Using PancakeSwap

Exchange BNB Token for Eclipse Using PancakeSwap

After you’ve activated the DApp client in Trust Wallet, you’ll notice a “Browse” symbol in the app’s bottom taskbar.

To browse DApp, click the “Browse” button.

Scroll to the bottom until you see the “Favorite” banner.

Click on “PancakeSwap” underneath the “Favorite” section to launch PancakeSwap.

After you’ve signed up with PancakeSwap, you’ll need to link Trust Wallet to it.

Otherwise, you will be unable to exchange or purchase Eclipse tokens.

To begin, click the “Connect” icon in the top taskbar.

The “Connect to a wallet” pop-up will appear once you hit the “Connect” button.

You can select from a selection of currencies in the pop-up.

To link Trust Wallet to PancakeSwap, tap on “Trust Wallet.”

You can now trade tokens after connecting Trust Wallet to PancakeSwap!

To begin, tap on the “V1 (old)” option on the bottom taskbar.

Then, check the box and select “Continue to V1 Anyway.”

Because PancakeSwap V2 does not accept the Eclipse token, you must use PancakeSwap V1.

Then, select “Select a currency” and enter Eclipse’s contract address in the “Search name or paste address” section.

The Eclipse will be converted to PancakeSwap as a result of this.

Then select the number of BNBs you wish to exchange for Eclipse.

Set your slipping threshold to 11% before making the trade.

Finally, press the “Exchange” button to exchange BNB for Eclipse!

Congratulations! You’ve learned how to purchase Eclipse coin (ECP) on Trust Wallet and PancakeSwap!


Is Eclipse a Good Purchase?

If you want to engage in cryptocurrency, you must think with your head. You must ask yourself, which crypto has a good framework? Are all of these functionalities available in Eclipse Coin?

If this is the case, you should invest in Eclipse or any other coin.

You do not need to rely on anybody else. Still, you must gather knowledge on the cryptocurrency market on your own.

Do not buy any cryptocurrency unless you are a crypto specialist. Eclipse, in our opinion, is a wise purchase.


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