How Long Do Cell Phones Last?

We can’t imagine our lives or even the next hour without our phone doing almost all the essential tasks for us with speed and high functionality. However, over time you might notice the constant lagging, the system being on/off without command, etc. This is probably because your phone is too outdated to perform appropriately.


But you might be thinking, what is the average lifetime of a phone? Well, that is exactly what we will discuss in this article. The average lifetime of a smartphone is about 3-4 years, which is applicable for both Android and iPhone devices.


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Here, we have compiled all that there is to know about the factors that affect the lifespan of your cell phone and some tips to make your phone last longer than average.

What Factors Affect a Smartphone’s LifeSpan?

With time, your phone’s speedy features decrease due to various factors like battery life, physical damage, etc. Here, we will get into the details of these factors for you to have a better overall understanding of this.

1.  Battery Life Of Your Smartphone

First things first, you cannot save your smartphone battery from draining after a year or two. For instance, you can use your phone for a whole day without charging your device, but after a few years, you will notice your phone’s battery lasts only for a couple of hours.


The temperature plays an important role in this. So make sure your phone is at a mild temperature, providing you with extended battery life for more usability. Also, if your battery doesn’t last more than a few hours, you should consider replacing it or getting a brand new phone. Moreover, it is critical to get a phone with a long-lasting battery, so you can go on with your day without any worry!

2.  Overall Functionality of the Cell Phone

The next crucial factor that highly influences the lifespan of your cell phone is its operating system and capabilities. So whether you’ve used up all of your device’s internal storage or if your phone’s system hangs, it means the device’s entire function has crashed, which deteriorates the overall performance of your phone.


You can, however, perform system upgrades to keep all of the software functioning for the time being.


Undoubtedly, the failure of your device to perform basic tasks can be frustrating, so it is recommended that you resell it or replace it with a new one.

3.  Shattered Screen

As much as we hate to admit it, we all have carelessly dropped our phones, which has led to some cracks or, worse, completely smashed the screen. On the other hand, small cracks do not require that you replace your phone; nevertheless, if your screen is totally broken or has impaired functions, such as the camera or microphone, you should consider changing or repairing the device.


If your phone is way too old already, getting a brand new cell phone is better than spending money fixing it.

How To Make Your Phone Long-Lasting?

How To Make Your Phone Long-Lasting

Studies show that your smartphones, on average, can last up to 4-5 years, but we know the drill of the low battery life, flawed functioning, and more after a year or so.

However, if you want to keep your cell phone for an extended time, then there are a few things you can do:


  •     As you know, the most important part of making your phone last longer is keeping the battery alive. All smartphones have an integrated battery with a limited charging capacity, so you should avoid fully recharging your device or plugging it in only when it’s almost dead. Further, you can replace the old battery if it stops working or get some professional to help you.


  •     Make sure you close all the apps after you are done using them. Also, steer clear of keeping unnecessary software, as this can congest your internal storage, making your device slow. Along with this, you should update your system whenever necessary to get the latest version of all the software and operating system.


  •     The best way to ensure the safety of your device is by getting protective cases and even a screen guard to prevent your touch screen display from shattering if you drop your phone.


  •     Hardware gadgets like charging cords, headsets, etc., should also be kept safe as it can be challenging to find these on the market if your phone model is outdated or discontinued by the brand.


  •     Apart from this, you should also keep your phone clean as it can have fingerprints and marks all over its surface. Use microfiber cloths to clean your screen and keep water away from your cell phone at all times.

Frequently Added Questions

1.  How Long Do iPhones Last?

Apple claims that iPhones are designed dynamically to provide an average lifespan of over three years, although many users notice a certain drop in performance around the two-year mark.


The deteriorating functions are mainly due to the battery life and full storage. The device can, of course, last longer if you keep making regular system updates, protect it from any physical damage, etc.

2.  How Long Do Android Phones Last?

Android smartphones can usually last up to 2-3 years, but if it is appropriately maintained, the device can have a 3-4 year lifespan.

3.  Which Smartphone Will Last The Longest?

As of now, some of the best long-lasting smartphones that are fully packed with the most in-demand features are the following:

  •     iPhone 13 Pro Max
  •     Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra
  •     iPhone 13
  •     Google Pixel 6
  •     Moto G Power
  •     Nubia RedMagic 6S Pro


4.  Which Phones Have the Best Battery Life?

When you are looking for a smartphone with an incredible battery life that provides you with extreme functionality, these are a few options you should consider:

  •     Nokia XR20
  •     Motorola Defy (2021)
  •     Moto G9 Play
  •     iPhone 13 Pro Max.


5.  When Should I Charge My Phone?

Generally, you should maintain your battery between 35 – 95% charged. It is better to avoid charging your phone all night long. Rather just plug it in when it falls below 50%, but switch off your charger before your cell phone’s battery reaches 100%.

6.  Is it Good to Turn Off Your Phone While Charging?

It’s best if you turn your smartphone off while it’s charging. However, it is more realistic to leave it idle while doing so.

Bottom Line

Smartphones are known for their high functionality, speed, and accessibility; however, your phone will experience some trouble doing the simplest tasks with time. Your cell phone can last up to 3-4 years; after that, the device’s features decline, and it is suggested to trade your phone or get a new one with better and latest features.


However, you can keep your phone running for longer than 3-4 years if you take some extra measures and are ready to spend a few bucks on repairing it, if required. In addition, if your brand new phone is experiencing low battery life or poor performance, you should take expert advice or even replace it.


We hope you found this article insightful to learn about the lifetime of your cell phone and things you can do to take better care of your gadget. Happy reading!


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