Best Wireless Under Cabinet Lighting – Guide To Choose

Working in a place that does not have under cabinet lighting can be very tough. Light fixtures under your cabinet can help illuminate the countertops for more functional food prep. They can also help enhance the look of your kitchen cabinet. These are one hundred percent worth your time and investment.


You don’t want to mess up your food preparation due to a lack of proper illumination. That is why you need the best wireless under cabinet lighting for your kitchen.


If you are still not convinced, let us tell you a few benefits of these kitchen appliances.

Benefits of Under Cabinet Lighting

LED light fixtures are seeing a dramatic rise in usage because they offer homeowners, cabinet makers, and electricians continuous advantages.

You get the same advantages from LED and LED under your kitchen cabinets. It gives the users an efficient form of illumination. Apart from this, some benefits of getting this lighting include:

  •     They have a lifespan of 25-50,000 hours.
  •     They switch on instantly and do not require any warm-up time.
  •     They do not generate as much heat as incandescent fixtures.
  •     They offer you a directional light output.
  •     Saves electricity and is easy to install.


LED lighting is ideal for your kitchen cabinet as it offers you easier and smaller illumination. It is time you switch your incandescent fixtures for the best wireless under cabinet lighting.


The LifeSpan of LED Lighting

The LifeSpan of LED Lighting

Most people choose this type of lighting for their kitchen cabinets because of its life span. It is one of its best features. In comparison to conventional lighting, it offers many cost-related benefits.


The longevity of the ideal wireless under cabinet lighting can get affected by many factors. However, it will definitely last for 25-50,000 hours, which is the equivalent of up to 17 years. It is surely a long time and a worthwhile investment.

The Temperature

Of course, some LED lights become hot occasionally when in use. Nonetheless, when we dig deeper, we can find a lot of variables. Generally, the notion that LED lights get very hot is not exactly true.


Their temperature will depend upon the installation, surroundings, and the components used. Whatever the situation, they do not get as hot as incandescent lights.

This is because the LED lighting is much smaller and is enclosed in a fixture. These emit only 10% of energy as heat.

Safety Certifications

When looking for the best wireless under cabinet lighting, you should look for their safety certifications. A quality brand that is popular among the users will do the job.


Checking for their safety certifications is necessary because this proves that the product has been tested. It also indicates that it complies with the industry safety standards.

Ideally, there are three things that you should look for in this type of lighting:


  •     UL (Underwriter Laboratories)
  •     ETL (Intertek)
  •     QPS (Evaluation Services)


You can find these markings outside the packaging of the product. You can also find all the information about the product on the brand’s website.

Choosing a Color Temperature

Mostly, users tend to overlook this factor while choosing LED lighting. Well, the color temperature terminology can confuse you if you are buying these for the first time. There would be a lot of questions in your mind like, “what is the difference between warm white and 2700K?”


You might also be confused about choosing a color for your white kitchen cabinets. After all, it is challenging to find the right color for your space.


Apparently, there are some rules for choosing the right color temperature. However, everyone has a different choice, and what might seem good to you won’t necessarily be the best for someone else.


Nevertheless, we will give you some tips for choosing the adept color temperature for LED lighting.


For Kitchens


Residential and commercial spaces use the Kelvin scale. The Kelvin scale will help you determine the color temperature for your kitchen between 1000K to 10,000K.


If the number on the Kelvin scale is low, it means the light will be more red and warm. On the other hand, a high number on this scale will tell about the colder characteristics of the lights.


While choosing a color temperature for your under cabinet lighting, you should ensure that it falls within the range of 3000K to 5000K.


You will see some differences in the color temperature within these ranges.


For White Kitchen Cabinets


If you have white kitchen cabinets, you would want to use white-colored lights for them. A color temperature of cool white will be ideal for your modern and white kitchen cabinets.


Picking a white-colored light would make the cabinet appear pinkish. If you choose a daylight color temperature of around 6000K, the white kitchen cabinets start to look blueish.


Color Temperature For Traditional Wooden Kitchen Cabinets


For wooden kitchen cabinets, the right color temperature is warm white. Warm white has a number of 3000K on the Kelvin scale.


You can even go up to 3500K depending upon the wood of your kitchen cabinets. A color temperature of 3500K has a neutral white color. Exceeding 3500K can make kitchen cabinets look boring and less appealing.

Choosing The Right Under Cabinet Lighting

Choosing The Right Under Cabinet Lighting

The under cabinet lighting serves the purpose of a task light. It makes performing everyday tasks less complicated. As a matter of fact, you rely on this lighting to do things such as meal prep, dishes, cooking, etc.


As soon as you get an idea about the lighting fixtures you want to install, you get a step closer to getting the best wireless under cabinet lighting.


To choose the perfect light fixtures, you need to keep the following three things in mind.

Choosing The On/Off Switch


Choosing the on/off switch is crucial as it will tell you about the components you will need for the project.


When you explore, you will find many options for LED lighting in the market. However, when we talk about choosing the on/off switch, the choices are limited to two alternatives.


One option is to get the hardwired wall switch. The other option is to get an inline controller switch. It includes an LED wireless remote, motion sensor, or touch dimmer.


After selecting an on/off switch for the LED lighting, you can choose the power supply or transformer.

Choosing The Power Supply

The next thing that you have to pick is the power supply. You can choose between the hardwired and the low voltage plug-in power supply. Are you confused about the difference between the two?


A hardwired power supply will connect to the existing electrical house current and convert the 120V to 12V. It is this process that operates the LED light.


The low voltage plug-in power supply uses an approach similar to the 12V plug-in power supply. It uses a plug that can connect to a regular wall outlet.


When choosing a power supply, you can select from various wattages. You have an option of 30 Watt, 60 Watt, or 96 Watts. The wattage selection is important so that you don’t exceed the power wattage limit.


Choosing The LED Light Fixture And Quantity


This is the final step that can leave you overwhelmed with all the options in the LED light fixtures in the market. There is no right answer to the question, “which wireless under cabinet lighting is the best? People have their preferences, and different things work for different people.


We recommend using the rigid linear stick for under cabinet lighting purposes. It will provide you with enough illumination to carry out everyday tasks hassle-free.


After choosing the appropriate light fixture, you would also want to know about the wattage. Once you know that, you can multiply it by the number of lights to know the total wattage.


For instance, if you have 15 lights of 5 watts each, the total wattage will be 75. It is crucial to know this so you choose the suitable power supply to handle the wattage for the number of lights you have.


So, now you know how to choose the perfect light fixtures. Let us tell you about the five best wireless under cabinet lighting options.


The Best Wireless Under Cabinet Lightings

We have recommended these by testing various kinds of lights for extended periods. Let’s have a quick breakdown for each of them:

1. Brilliant Evolution LED Puck Light 6 Pack With Remote

Brilliant Evolution LED Puck Light 6 Pack With Remote

Stick on Lights 6 Pack with Remote – Wireless LED Under Cabinet Lights


These LED puck lights from Brilliant Evolution will illuminate a space by emitting a 3000K warm white glow. These lights offer you multiple modes, which you can control with a remote. If the lighting is too bright or too dim, you can adjust it manually.

Its battery life is one of its prominent features as it claims to run four times longer than other lightings. These lightings require a 3 AAA battery, which comes in the package.


Some of its features are:


  •     Operates on battery.
  •     Has an auto-turn-off feature.
  •     You can control it with a remote from 15 feet away.
  •     The maximum brightness of this lighting is 55 lumens.

2. HausLichts Motion Sensor Under Cabinet Lightings

HausLichts Motion Sensor Under Cabinet Lightings

If you deny that you have ever thought about getting motion sensor lighting for your house, we would not believe you. Well, if you have wanted to get one, here is an option for you. This motion sensor lighting has an excellent motion sensor mode, which will turn on automatically when it detects a motion within a range of 10 feet.


It will also turn off automatically when it cannot detect any movement within 20 seconds.

This motion sensor lighting is made from aluminum alloy, making it much more durable.


Here are some of its features:


  •     Easy installation
  •     Dissipates a good amount of heat
  •     Comes with a 1500 mAh battery
  •     Has built-in magnets

3. RXWLKJ Stick-On Anywhere LED Under Cabinet Lights

RXWLKJ Stick-On Anywhere LED Under Cabinet Lights

If you wish to illuminate your house, this lighting is a perfect choice. It provides a lot of light, which is sufficient to brighten up your house and kitchen cabinets. The installation is easy because of its in-built magnets.


You only have to stick it to any ironwork surface in your kitchen, and you are good to go! The pyroelectric infrared sensor mode in this light will automatically turn it on once you come into the noticeable area.


Its features are:


  •     Lifespan of about 5000 hours.
  •     Color temperature of 6500K.
  •     It offers three modes to choose from – on, off, or G mode.
  •     It has a light indicator that shows you the battery status.

4. GONOTO 84 LED Wireless Under Cabinet Lighting

GONOTO 84 LED Wireless Under Cabinet Lighting

To incredibly lighten up your kitchen cabinet, you can use this wireless lighting from GONOTO. It comes with the power of 84 LEDs. You can also use it to brighten other spaces such as your wardrobe, offices, etc.


It has the following features:


  •     USB charging
  •     Brightness of up to 400 lumens
  •     Motion sensors
  •     Aluminum body
  •     Easy installation methods
  •     It has a light indicator showing the battery status

5. Brilliant Evolution Wireless Ultra-Thin LED Light Bar

Brilliant Evolution Wireless Ultra Thin LED Light Bar

Another addition from Brilliant Evolution, this lighting aims to illuminate your kitchen cabinets and closets. It operates on a battery and is less than one inch thick. Therefore, it is an ideal wireless under cabinet lighting for cramped spaces in need of additional lighting.


Its features include:


  •     Ultra-thin
  •     One-switch operation
  •     Easy installation
  •     Battery-operated
  •     Runs four times longer than most LEDs

Wrapping It Up!

Choosing the proper lighting for cabinets is not as challenging as you think. There are only a few things that you should keep in mind before bringing these home for installation.


The bulb type, light type, color temperature, and battery are a few deciding factors. You should carefully assess these before finalizing the LED fixtures for your kitchen cabinet.


However, preferences can vary among people. Nevertheless, this buying guide will help you through your journey of selecting the right under cabinet lighting for your kitchen.


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