Best Wireless Charging Mouse Pads Reviewed

Technology advances more and more each day. Entering our third decade into this century, the spotlight falls on wireless technology.


One of the latest wireless technology creations is the wireless charging mouse pad. This fantastic invention allows your mouse pad to charge the supported wireless charging-capable devices.


Not so long ago, they were just a piece of fabric on your desk. While they can make the overall mouse experience better, now they can act as a wireless charger.


In this article, we will review the best wireless charging mouse pads on the market.


How Does a Wireless Charging Mouse Pad Work?

At first, the wireless charging mouse pad was designed to charge your mouse while you are working or playing on your computer.


Subsequently, a built Qi (open interface standard for wireless power transfer) charging surface was added to the wireless charging mouse pad. The new feature enables the wireless charging mouse pad to charge any Qi (or wireless-charging) device from your desktop.


To simplify things, you can put your phone on top of the mouse pad, and it will charge it.


Benefits Of Buying a Wireless Charging Mouse Pad


The benefits of the wireless charging mouse pad are huge. Charging your devices via a mouse pad is effortless, dependable, and secure. It is available for charging any kind of Qi device, from phones to earbuds and smart-watches.


Wireless charging is straightforward and intuitive; just lay down your device and go. You won’t have to worry about wires and cables getting tangled all over the place. This kind of charging can help you really streamline your life.


The most appealing upside to the wireless charging mouse pad is the ability to use advanced technology in everyday life and become a part of modern society.


Best Wireless Charging Mouse Pad Options


Choosing wireless charging mouse pads can be a complicated process. You have to choose between many different options available, and it’s not as simple as going for one with a high number of reviews and a good price tag.


To make things easier, we’ve chosen our top 9 favorite wireless charging mouse pads that we believe are really worth your money. If you’re looking at getting yourself a new wireless charging mouse pad, these are sure to be what you’re looking for. So, let’s get started.


Corsair MM1000 Mouse Pad

Corsair MM1000 Mouse Pad

The first mouse pad on our list is the Corsair MM1000 Qi Wireless Charging Mouse Pad. The Corsair MM1000 has a size like a regular chopping board, enabling you to move your mouse freely.


Aside from wireless charging, it has the stunning functionality to charge USB devices via the USB Micro-B, Type-C, and Lightning Qi charging adapters. The Corsair is a modern, flexible pad with a comfortable and smooth surface.


Corsair MM1000 Qi wireless charging mouse pad is very easy to move around, has great Qi wireless charging, and comes with a couple of adapters. It also has a smart LED indicator that tells the status all the time. The only disadvantage is that the mouse pad is a little bit thick, and it comes with a peculiar smell. This wireless mouse pad costs $79.


Logitech G Powerplay

Logitech G Powerplay

Logitech G Powerplay is a gaming-dedicated wireless charging mouse pad. The future of gaming does not accept wireless drops, dead batteries, or input lag. It proves infinite power and keeps the mouse charged all the time, even during gaming.


Logitech G Powerplay has an integrated magnetic POWERCORE module, which enables a compatible wireless Powerplay mouse. Also, it works with gaming mice G903 and G703.


The mouse pad has two surfaces, one cloth-like side and another hard one.

The Logitech mouse pad has a very slick design with the letter G over the top, which responds to in-game action lights. The mouse pad can be light-synchronized with the Logitech G keyboard, speakers, and headsets. It costs $119.


JCREN Wireless Charging Mouse Pad

JCREN Wireless Charging Mouse Pad

The JCREN mouse pad is the most elegant, leather-surfaced mouse pad in this group. The pad works great, is Qi-certified, and supports fast charging mode with a 10W charger. It is approximately the size of a letter paper, so the placement of your device is not an issue. JCREN Fast Wireless Charging Mouse Pad is waterproof, dustproof, and non-slippery, so it will stay put on your desk at all times.


Redragon P025 Qi 10W

Redragon P025 Qi 10W

The Redragon P025 Qi 10W is also a gaming wireless charging mouse pad. It is an RGB backlit mouse pad with a large soft mat with triple protection. The Redragon mouse pad is compatible with most wireless charging devices.


It offers Qi 10W wireless charger with a high-efficiency charging process. The pad is designed with triple protection, including over-current, over-voltage, and over-temperature protection.


It has 3 RGB glowing modes and seven adjustable brightness colors. Redragon wireless charging mouse pad is equipped with a high-quality fabric material that allows your mouse to move smoothly throughout.


The mouse pad’s dimensions are 17.5 x 12 x 1.6 inches, and it weighs 1.7 pounds.


ASUS ROG Balteus Qi

ASUS ROG Balteus Qi

Asus is a well-known brand with an extensive collection of high-tech gaming gadgets. They provided their Qi gaming wireless charging mouse pad for a complete gaming set. Asus ROG Balthus is a vertical mouse pad with 12.6” x 14.6” size.


So, if you need a wide mouse pad that will enable you to move comfortably, then the ASUS ROG is right for you. The pad is designed to complement a very cool gaming atmosphere by connecting with the ASUS ROG gaming microphone and headsets. The material is non-slippery rubber that will work really well on any desk.


ASUS ROG Balteus Qi wireless charging mouse pad features strong lightning effects, although the feature is not consistent in some spots. It also features a USB 2.0 port available for other wireless charging devices.


VHEONET Wireless Charging Mouse Pad

VHEONET Wireless Charging Mouse Pad

Another awesome leather wireless charging mouse pad is VHEONET. This pad is water and dust-resistant. It has a premium coil placed inside one of the corners of the pad. VERNET gives your devices the perfect space for free wireless charging.


The VHEONET pad can charge both iPhone and Airpods while also having a space specially created to keep your tablet and pens.


MAD GIGA Mouse Pad

MAD GIGA Mouse Pad

An awesome RGB LED mouse pad that can serve as a wireless charger. If you are looking for a larger mouse pad, then the Mad Giga Charging mouse pad is the pad you are looking for. It comes in a size of 80 x 26 cm.


That’s big enough to cover your keyboard, mouse, and phone. Moreover, it comes with a wireless QI standard, meaning any device you have that is wireless charging-capable can be charged on the pad.


On the edges, you can see the LED track, which can be adjusted to up to 9 lighting modes. In addition, the LED has 6 colors, which are controlled by a one-touch switch.


You don’t have to worry about the material, as it comes with a high-quality natural rubber base.


GAZE PAD Qi Mouse Pad

GAZE PAD Qi Mouse Pad

The Gaze Pad Qi mouse pad comes in different colors. It’s smaller compared to the Mad Giga, and the size of the Gaze Pad is 35 x 21 cm. It comes with an elegant and smooth texture that is skid-free. This mouse pad has a classy slim rectangular look that comes in 4 colors – midnight blue, brown, gray, and black.


Furthermore, the Gaze Pad features a 3-Coil tech instead of 1 in order to reach a wider zone of wireless charging.


In addition to the wireless charging, this pad comes with two type-c charging ports. However, you can’t use both ports at once. They are on different sides to make setup easier.




Brought to us by a really popular manufacturer – Phillips has designed a tremendous wireless charging mouse pad. Even though it’s not as large as some other gaming pads, the Philips RGB is really famous among gamers.


The dimensions of this pad are 35.2 x 25.5 cm. Additionally, it’s really popular among gamers because of the LED lights. They have 3 different dynamic light modes and has 7 static lighting modes. You can easily adjust the light according to your room, desk design, and much more.


As for the design, it’s a non-slip rubber that is waterproof as well. Considering all the features it has, it’s really a great choice!


Which Mouse Pad Stands Out?


We listed 9 different mouse pads, all of which have their unique specifications and design. My personal choice among these pads would be the Mad Giga Wireless Charging Mouse Pad. It’s a large pad that features LED lights that a one-touch switch can control.


In addition, it has the Qi wireless charging technology, so any wireless charging-capable device can be charged just by placing it on top of the pad. It’s a gaming mouse pad, so if you are looking for something simpler, you could opt for any of the other pads here on the list.


A single innovation will not stop technology from evolving every single day. In a flash, all kinds of different gadgets were developed to help increase the user’s experience. In this category of gadgets are, of course, wireless charging mousepads.


They help us charge all Qi devices wirelessly while also allowing us to streamline our lifestyle.


We hope that our list of the best wireless charging mouse pads will help you choose the proper one that will enable the best user experience.

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