Ultimate Guide: Best Tripod Laptop Stand for 2022

While searching the internet for “best tripod laptop stand,” you will likely be hit with hundreds of results. If combing through links all day to find the best tripod laptop stand isn’t your cup of tea, we’ve got you covered.


Just sit back, relax, and let us research for you. Here is our list of the best tripod laptop stands for 2022.

HOLDOOR Universal Adjustable Tripod Laptop Stand

HOLDOOR Universal Adjustable Tripod Laptop Stand

The HOLDOOR Universal Adjustable Tripod Stand can be used as a laptop stand, standing desk, projector table, TV tray, DJ music stand, and so much more! Its sturdy base helps to ensure that no matter what you use it for, whether to hold a display device during a presentation or as a laptop stand, it will not wobble.


You can use it during the day to hold a projector and give a professional-level presentation, and then adjust the height and tilt to use it as a laptop stand later. It is made to hold your equipment securely with its newly-designed fixed structure.


This tripod stand weighs 22 pounds and can be adjusted to heights of 22 to 37 inches. The tray has a rotation of 180 degrees, and the sponge gasket is 0.14 inches thick. The size of the tray in inches is 16L x 10.75W x 0.6H.


It features a lip on the front to prevent laptops, projectors, etc., from slipping, but no lips on the sides, so plugging in and setting up is a breeze. While the entire stand is metal, it is not magnetic.


The maximum weight this stand can safely hold is 22 pounds. It sits on a stable triangle-designed base that quickly collapses, detaches, and folds up to make it easier to carry. A gooseneck phone holder can adjust in almost any position, allowing you to keep your hands free.


This adjustable tripod laptop stand is $31.99.

Pyle-Pro Universal Tripod Laptop Stand

Pyle-Pro Universal Tripod Laptop Stand

The Pyle-Pro Universal Tripod Laptop, Projector, Music Stand is very similar to the HOLDOOR model, with a few differences. The price is around the same, at $31.29 on Amazon. This item is also great to use as a laptop stand, projector table, DJ music stand, equipment stand, or worktable.


This stand features height-adjustable, clamp-style knobs with an angle-adjustable shelf tray lock. This allows you to move and adjust the stand easily without having to take everything down and set it up all over again. This stand allows a bit more height, with a possible adjustment from 28 to 46 inches.


Pyle-Pros adjustable tripod stand is built to be sturdy, quick, convenient, portable, foldable, and adjustable. It can be easily carried and stored since it disassembles for quick travel. It is heavy-duty enough to use for studio and stage jobs, and portable enough to take to the office for presentations.


This adjustable projector table weighs 13.1 pounds and measures 16 x 5.25 x 28.5 inches. It does not have a lip to prevent slipping; instead, the device resting plate has a rough surface to allow easier grip for the bottom of laptops and other equipment.

RockJam Tripod Laptop Stand, Projector Stand

RockJam Tripod Laptop Stand, Projector Stand

This universal tripod laptop stand from RockJam is $50.36 from Amazon and can be adjusted to heights between 25 and 44 inches. This stand is made of alloy steel and is sturdy enough to handle your laptop, projectors, music equipment, and more. It can be used on stage, in the office, at home, at a real estate show, or wherever you need a sturdy stand.


The RockJam stand was made to be fully adjustable, with various levels and tilts to make your experience easier. It works well as a standing desk and features a 16×20 inch resting plate with a silicone surface and a front lip to prevent your equipment from slipping.


This tripod laptop stand is very lightweight, at just 8.4 pounds, and is foldable and collapsible to make moving effortless. It is very easy to take apart, carry, and store, and simple to set up.

Facilife Projector Tripod Laptop Stand

Facilife Projector Tripod Laptop Stand

The universal tripod laptop stand from Facilife is available for just $30.99 on Amazon. Like the others that we’ve included, this stand can be used for several purposes, including as a laptop stand, projector table, Dj music table, standing desk, art presentation, music stand, real estate stand, and more.


It is very height-adjustable, with the ability to go from 17.6 inches to 51.4 inches with just a few turns of the height adjustment knob. This makes it easy for almost anyone of virtually any height to use it as a sitting desk or a standing one.


The tray can be tilted 180 degrees, and the twist of a knob will set it firmly in place. This allows the best position for viewing presentations and gives your back and neck rest when used as a desk.


A gooseneck mobile phone holder allows you to remain hands-free without missing a call. The phone can also be connected to your laptop for music or presentations. You can tilt and bend it to a position that suits your needs.


The legs of this tripod stand are fixed towards the top, giving more stability than a stand that features a long pole with a small tripod at the bottom. It also comes with a hook at the bottom for hanging weights to make it even more stable.


This portable laptop stand has a resting surface of 14.9×11 inches with a non-slip mat, sponge gasket, and raised support lip. It also comes with elastic bands on the tray to prevent your laptop, projector, or other equipment from slipping.

Four Uncles Projector Tripod Laptop Stand

Four Uncles Projector Tripod Laptop Stand

With an adjustable height of 23 to 63 inches, the Four Uncles Tripod Laptop Stand is one of the tallest on this list. Like the others, this product works well as a laptop stand, projector table, music mixer stand, standing or sitting desk, and much more. It is currently $49.89 on Amazon.


This universal tripod stand comes with an anti-slip mat on the resting plate, with straps for extra support. The 15.7×11.1 inch tray also has a 180-degree rotation, which allows multiple viewing angles. It works great for laptops, DJ equipment, recorders, projectors, sheet music, books, and more.


This standing desk is built to be rugged enough to handle being moved around and easily collapses for travel. It can also be quickly taken apart for storing and weighs just 6.7 pounds. The stable triangle stand at the bottom helps prevent it from tipping over.


A gooseneck phone holder also comes with this product. This allows you to keep your phone at a glance while your hands are free to work on other things. Due to its flexibility, you can move the phone holder into almost any position at any angle. It is also detachable so that it can be removed when you don’t need it.


If you order this adaptable tripod stand, you will find a few things in the box. It comes with the tripod stand, tray, sponge gasket, elastic belt, and an instruction manual.

Klvied Universal Tripod Projector Stand

Klvied Universal Tripod Projector Stand

This universal tripod projector/laptop stand from Klvied is exciting because it comes with a removable mouse tray! If you have ever tried working on a laptop with a mouse on a tripod stand, you’ll understand the brilliance of this. You can find it on Amazon for $30.99.


This multi-function tripod stand can be used for laptops, projectors, DJ equipment, real estate displays, art displays, books, sheet music, and more. It is built for use by musicians, teachers, engineers, architects, students, and anyone who needs a standing or sitting desk or table on the go.


The tray holds a maximum of 11.1 pounds and measures 14.9×11.1 inches. It features a slip-resistant surface with a lip for added protection. It also comes with straps to hold down your equipment and a flexible, 360-degree rotating phone holder to keep your hands free. The mouse tray can be placed on either side, making it compatible with right-handers or lefties.


This tripod stand can be expanded to reach from 17.6 to 51.4 inches tall and will tilt to improve viewing. It is made to be easily collapsed and carried, with handles that rotate down and legs that contract. Everything folds completely for easy storage.

LIUGAST Projector Tripod Stand

LIUGAST Projector Tripod Stand

For $31.66, you might choose this foldable tripod laptop stand from LIUGAST. It is perfect for the office, home, real estate showings, the stage, or anywhere. It is built to be a sturdy stand for laptops, projectors, DJ equipment, sheet music, books, art, or anything you need.


Included in the package with this tripod stand is a 15.04×11.14 inch tray. A gooseneck phone holder allows you to keep your hands free for work. You can adjust the phone holder to bend and tilt at almost any angle.


It also comes with a sponge gasket and an elastic band. The tripod adjusts from 17.7 inches to 47.2 quickly with the use of a heavy-duty bracket, and the tray features an adjustment of 300 degrees.

Bulalu Portable Laptop and Projector Stand

Bulalu Portable Laptop and Projector Stand

The height adjustment capability of the Bulalu portable laptop and projector stand is 23 to 63 inches, with a tray size of 15.04 x 11.14 inches. You can purchase it on Amazon for $38.99 with free returns and shipping for Prime members.


The tray on this portable laptop table can be adjusted a full 360 degrees, making it easy to view almost anything. Anti-skid straps and a slip-resistant surface help protect your equipment from sliding off the table, and a slight lip provides extra security.


This portable tripod stand comes with a storage bag to hold all its accessories. Included in the box when you order is an adjustable phone holder, 2 elastic straps, the tray, the tripod legs, etc. It has a lined pocket to keep up with any screws. This stand weighs 7.33 pounds.

Winiski Projector Tripod Stand

Winiski Projector Tripod Stand

The Winiski projector and laptop stand feature a sturdier base due to the three legs meeting at a higher point on the pole. You can find it on Amazon for $31.44 with free shipping and returns for Prime members.


This portable stand has an adjustable height from 17.6 to 51.4 inches and comes with a tray that measures 14.9 by 11.2 inches, with a full 360 rotation. This makes it easy to view almost anything without having to adjust your projector or laptop.


The adjustable legs were made to work well for outdoor use and can accommodate uneven ground. It is made of lightweight aluminum and has a non-slip base for more sturdiness. It can be easily folded and transported in the carry bag that comes with it.


Inside the box with this stand comes a removable mouse tray, gooseneck phone holder, carry bag, sponge gasket, and elastic belt. The phone holder allows for 360-degree rotation, allowing you to work hands-free. There is also a hook design at the base of the tripod to allow the suspension of heavier objects or weights for added stability.


That’s our ultimate guide to the best tripod stands out there. While they are all similar, they also have a few differences. Some come with carrying bags, phone holders, mouse trays, and more, while others do not. It is simply a matter of what your specific needs are.


We hope this has been an informative guide and helps you in choosing the right portable laptop stand for you. Feel free to browse our site for more informative articles!

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