AI in Photography: Enhancing Your Smartphone Camera

Have you ever wondered why there is so much frenzy to get modern smartphones? Apart from the fast processing speed and impressive battery capacity, high-quality pictures produced by smartphones are among the perks that influence people to get smartphones.

The days of compulsorily having phone photography skills are definitely over. Smartphones are now artificially intelligent. All you need do is take pictures on your phone. AI ensures that the best angles are captured, edits the picture in real time, and ultimately produces a mind-blowing result.

This article explores the features and effects of AI photography.

Why Is Smartphone AI Camera the Best?

AI in Photography: Enhancing Your Smartphone Camera

You may wonder why you should rely on smartphone AI cameras for the best picture quality. While professional photographers employ different means to edit their photos, here are the top 2 reasons AI photo editing comes up best in 2024.

Impressive speed

If you are taking a picture with your smartphone, the chances are that you want instant results. You want the best picture quality in nanoseconds. There goes your best bet: artificial intelligence.

The processing speed is incredible. Upon receiving the signal that a picture has been taken, the AI on your smartphone sets out to work immediately. It processes the picture, enhances the quality, and gives you the best output in the twinkle of an eye. Now, do tell, which other method offers this kind of speed?

AI Photo Editing Is More Accurate

Editing pictures manually requires expertise, and most smartphone users lack this skill. Hence, it would be best if you relied on AI to produce the best results. Interestingly, artificial intelligence tends to produce more accuracy when compared with manual editing.

Smartphone AI cameras act on pre-loaded instructions to identify the details in a picture and enhance the necessary areas. In the end, it produces the finest results that human efforts may have missed.

Top 5 Reasons to Use AI Photography

Without a doubt, Artificial intelligence is transforming photography. Do you envy the skills of that photographer in your street? Well, you could do the same and more with AI photography. Nothing stops you now from creating beautiful pictures with AI smartphone photography. And you won’t need to rely on the help of experts in the photography industry.

Check out some of the magic you can perform with AI photography:

AI photography filters are incredible.

If you’ve got time on your hands, you can edit pictures taken on your smartphone by adding filters. Like everyone has different personalities, we’ve all got different tastes and ideas about how we want our pictures to look.

AI makes it possible to play around with filters on your phone. More so, you can adjust the contrast and exposure. There are simply no limitations with AI-powered filters on smartphones. Put your creativity to work with AI photo editing.

Autofocus feature on Smartphone AI camera

Sometimes, what marks the difference between a sharp picture and a dull one is auto-focus. Just like the name suggests, auto-focus lets you place focus on a particular object and also take clear and quality photos.

You can adjust the focus to cover the immediate environment and also zoom in to capture only the object in view. And you also don’t need to worry if you want to capture moving objects.

Artificial intelligence makes it easier to capture such objects or moments. Just activate the auto-focus feature and let AI do its thing.

What’s more about the auto-focus feature? While focusing on one or more objects, you can take multiple shots at one. This is also called the burst feature. You should definitely try it out on your smartphone.

Portrait Mode

The effect of AI is probably more pronounced when taking portraits on your smartphone. Quickly grab your phone, head outside, and ask your friend to take your picture.

Tell them to adjust the camera settings to portrait mode. After taking your picture, you should take a careful look at it. You will realize that your smartphone puts more attention on you and blurs the background, thereby making the picture sharper.

This AI feature cones with the time-of-flight cameras on smartphones. In fact, if your picture is taken among a crowd of people, the AI recognizes your face immediately and puts more focus on you.

AI Photography Creates Photo Archives

Are you with your smartphone right now? Go to the gallery. You are definitely looking at different segments of photos right now. Your phone has combined the selfies into one folder. Likewise, the pictures you took with trees or nature in the background also have a different folder. And if you check further, you will realize some of the pictures are categorized according to the persons in them. Wonder how that works? That is AI at work.

The image recognition feature of AI is superb. It lets you relieve the memories as you surf through a well-curated archive.

Photography Assistant

After downloading an app or accessing a website, you will see a pop-up notification from a virtual assistant guiding you on how to use the app or navigate the website.

Do you know that AI provides a similar feature in photography? It recognizes that you might be new to photography. Hence, it analyzes the background, lighting, and angles and guides you to make the necessary corrections. And if you refuse its suggestions and take blurry pictures, AI will still do its best to churn out a beautiful picture.


While AI offers endless possibilities in smartphone photography, the original climax is reached when AI combines with your creativity. Hence, it’s all about having AI co-pilot your phone photography experience. Therefore, the ultimate step is learning how to take AI results even a step further. However, if you are completely new to smartphone photography, AI is here to make your journey much easier than ever.

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