AI in Home Security: Advanced Surveillance and Protection

If you are a homeowner, the least bother you want to have is about your home’s security. Big thanks to the paradigm shift in technology, you can now rest assured that your home is safe from intruders, but you should also be aware that adopting AI takes your security measures a notch higher and guarantees more comfort.

This article explores the innovations of AI that you can explore for advanced surveillance, protection, and comfort in your home. Have a great read!

Top Features of AI Security Systems

AI in Home Security: Advanced Surveillance and Protection

Smart Locks

If you want to improve your home security, AI is a no-brainer. You can install smart locks with facial recognition. The effect of this feature is that the security system captures your face and that of your family and stores the data.

So whenever you want to access your home or any of the rooms, the AI recognizes your face or voice and grants access. This saves you the time and energy that is lost in trying to open and lock your doors with keys. The keyless security system is just the best!

Additionally, the AI installed in smart locks stores the data of anyone who accessed any of your rooms, and you also get to see the time that such entry was made. This allows you to review and restrict access to your home and even the rooms. Your children and relatives can no longer make a mess of the rooms that hold a special status to you.

Personalize Smart Home Surveillance

Perhaps the biggest flex that comes with AI security systems is personalization. The technology is highly intelligent. It allows you to build or customize the smart home surveillance to your taste.

For example, if you are returning from the grocery store, the chances are that your hands would be full of grocery bags, and you might not want to go through the long process of putting down the groceries, finding your keys, and unlocking the door.

Therefore, You can program the AI to open your front door automatically if it recognizes that your hands are full of grocery bags or other things. You can also adopt this smart feature to open the door when your lovely baby is in your arms, and you need to go to another room.

Get Real-Time Footage

After installing CCTV cameras in your home, you can access real-time footage and sound with the aid of AI home security. More so, you may be on vacation in another state or country, and the need to toggle between the activities happening indoors and outdoors in your home arises.

Your best bet in this regard is AI. The AI lets you toggle seamlessly between all cameras in your home. You also get to zoom in and out from your remote location. This ability to toggle in between home cameras in smart home surveillance can also help keep track of your toddlers.

Integrated Speaker and Microphone

Apart from getting real-time footage and sound from CCTV cameras, homeowners are able to communicate verbally with persons in their homes, even from a remote location. That is one of the beauties of AI.

Just inform the company in charge of AI security systems in your home that you’d like to enjoy the integrated speaker and microphone feature. And this is also suitable for communicating with nannies and exerting boundaries on your children if you are away from home.

Flag Unusual Activities in Your Home

You may not be aware that AI home security can track your routine, record such data, and adjust accordingly to protect your home. That is impressive, right? If your usual routine is to wake up early, use the shower, open the front door, and go to work, the AI adjusts to these activities.

Further, the AI security systems raise alarms whenever there is a suspicious activity that is opposite the usual pattern in your home. And if you’ve got an aged person in need of close monitoring at home, you can rely on AI help in this regard. Such AI is programmed with sensors that raise alarms if someone has a hard fall in your home or they require emergency attention.

AI Home Security Has Motion Sensors

If you want advanced home security, you should invest in AI. You will recall that we mentioned earlier that the system is intelligent. It has the ability to detect motion or movements in your home. For example, if you are at work or asleep and a stranger finds their way into your home, AI quickly picks up the motion signal, analyzes the walk pattern, and alerts law enforcement agencies immediately before you even get wind of what is happening.

Smart Home Surveillance Ensures Speedy Incident Investigation

Sometimes, incidents can occur in your home that require urgently extracting and analyzing data from CCTV cameras. In such cases, hours would have been invested before the needed footage was obtained. But with AI, you need not worry about checking the whole footage manually to ascertain the chain of events that led to a particular incident. According to your instructions, AI will extract the needed data, put the series of events together like a puzzle, and help you analyze the footage from every camera angle in your home.

Predicting Possible Occurrences in Your Home

Have you ever wondered about the technology behind smoke alarms? This is one of the wonders of AI. AI can help detect safety threats in your home and alert the occupants accordingly.

Further, it can analyze patterns in your home and carry out a predictive analysis of possible breaches in your home security. Bear in mind that the accuracy of AI analysis is mind-blowing.

The Bottom Line

AI is not a stand-alone technology. It is best to harness it with the security system in your home. With AI in your security system, you have an assurance of all-round protection, and the technology also guarantees comfort in your home. Ensure to adopt AI in your home security installations!

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