Wi-Fi 6E: The Next Generation of High-Speed Wireless

Are you a business owner looking to upscale your business? Perhaps your competitors are making giant strides, and you need to stay in business and compete effectively. You should definitely consider taking your products to the digital space. But more importantly, you need fast Wi-Fi and a reliable internet connection to boost productivity in your company. Hey, today is your lucky day.

In this article, we explore the potential of the king of wireless connection. Wi-Fi 6E offers an incredibly fast and reliable internet connection.

Before delving into the full details of Wi-Fi 6E, we ought to lay a solid foundation. Let’s check the meaning of Wi-Fi 6E and why you should adopt this next-gen wireless technology.

What is Wi-Fi 6E?

Wi-Fi 6E: The Next Generation of High-Speed Wireless

Recall that we talked about Wi-Fi offering fast internet connection? Wi-Fi 6E lets you enjoy even faster internet speed. Let’s break it down.

You are probably confused about what 6E means. Well, “6” here means this is the sixth version of Wi-Fi.

Manufacturers have realized that more people are moving to the digital space, and there’s a need for better configuration. To this end, they have continually upgraded to ensure a fast and reliable internet connection.

The result is Wi-Fi 6. Wi-Fi 6E is, therefore, an extension of Wi-Fi 6. So you can only imagine how fast an internet connection would be. It is like the speed of light!

Further, this next-gen wireless technology uses 2.4 gigahertz. And while the regular Wi-Fi operates on a 5 GHz spectrum, Wi-Fi 6E comes with the 6 GHz band. How incredible can that be! Apart from improved internet speed, the effect of these features is that more users can connect to the Wi-Fi without any hindrance.

Advantages of Using WI-FI 6E

Ease of Installation

If you check old office spaces, they all have something in common. While trying to connect to the internet, they had no choice but to use long cables.

Cables are, however, out of fashion. You should not be breaking walls in your office due to the installation of internet cables. With the advent of wireless connections like the Wi-Fi 6E, you can connect to the internet without going through the hassles of cables. Wi-Fi is quite easy to install, and you should go for it.

Reduction of Cost

Some business owners are usually discouraged due to the cost of Wi-Fi 6E. But this can be a grave mistake. Opting for a Wi-Fi router is cheaper in the long run than a traditional internet connection. The cost of maintenance and occasional configuration is lesser. So it is advisable to go wireless.


Internet service providers can go out of business. If you rely on a wire connection, it is usually a long ride as you might go through a long process of changing the cables.

On the other hand, Wi-Fi 6E is easily adaptable. You can always meet up with new updates and configurations easily.


One of the limitations of using wire connections is accessibility. Cables cannot go through certain places in the office space. And this restricts employees from accessing the internet.

This reduces workers’ productivity and may spell doom for business. However, the wireless connection has a wider reach. Anyone within the organization can connect to enjoy fast internet speed.

Top 3 Wi-Fi 6E Routers

If you have many employees in your organization or rely heavily on internet connection to boost sales, you should get a Wi-Fi 6E Router. Here are the best Wi-Fi 6E Routers in the market today

TP-Link AXE5400 Tri-Band WiFi 6E Router

This is also called the Archer AXE75. With the 6 GHz band, the next-gen wireless device lets you enjoy faster internet service.

Perhaps the top feature of the TP-Link AXE5400 Tri-Band Wi-Fi 6E Router is that it allows you to connect many devices at the same time. You can also connect it to AI technology such as Alexa. Further, with the 1.7 GHz Quad-Core CPU and 512 MB Memory, you rely on the router to give you the best internet connectivity.

On top of these, the router comes with about 5400 Mbps and is compatible with all internet service providers, including Verizon and Frontier Spectrum.

Eero Pro 6E Mesh Wi-Fi

Eero is blazing the trail in the Wi-Fi router production industry. For companies with a lot of employees, this is the go-to router. It supports up to 100 devices connected to it simultaneously.

Also, this fast Wi-Fi has a speed of about 1.3Gbps. It guarantees access to the internet covering up to 4,000 sq. ft. This is a lot!

The Eero Pro 6E mesh Wi-Fi router can boost your performance if you are a gaming enthusiast. It recognizes that gaming requires heavy internet usage and gives you the best support.

Unlike some routers, this Wi-Fi system is easier and faster to install. There is an app that guides you through the process. So you don’t need to pay installation fees to anyone.

NETGEAR Nighthawk 12-Stream Wi-Fi 6E Router

The NETGEAR Nighthawk 12-Stream has secured a spot as the most secured Wi-Fi 6E Router.

From time to time, the manufacturers automatically provide software updates, adding an extra layer of security to your router. This means you don’t have to bother about sensitive data leaking from your company.

This fast Wi-Fi has a speed of 10.8Gbps and a quad-core processor of 1.8GHz. And, of course, it comes with 4 x 1G and 1 x 2.5G Ethernet ports, allowing you to connect wired devices. The NETGEAR Nighthawk 12-Stream Wi-Fi 6E Router covers about 3,500 sq. ft.


Wi-Fi 6E is transforming the digital world. It offers a speedy internet connection as well as advanced cyber protection. On the flip side, this technology comes with its peculiar challenges.

Wi-Fi 6E routers are pricey, and this is a discouraging factor for many business owners. Similarly, an internet connection may be inaccessible if there is a physical obstruction of the router. But when you consider the bigger picture, the balance of scale will tilt in favor of securing a Wi-Fi 6E router for your business.

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