Understanding Internet Speeds and WiFi – Do You Really Need 1GB?

We, humans, are built to always jump on a better offer. This simple fact is understood in detail by Internet service providers. For this reason, they have taken it upon themselves to sell the 1Gb Internet speed to you.

The 1Gb Internet speed promises a faster Internet connection, thus preventing lagging. While this offer looks good, we must admit that only some people need 1Gb Internet speed to access a lag-free Internet connection.

How do you know if you need 1Gb speed or not? What exactly is this 1Gb, and how does it relate to Internet speed? All these questions and more will be discussed in detail in this article.

What Is Internet Speed?

Understanding Internet Speeds and WiFi - Do You Really Need 1GB?

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In simple terms, internet speed is the rate at which your network connection can download or upload videos to or from the internet. This speed is generally measured in the standard unit of megabits per second (Mbps). While Mbps is the standard unit of measurement, there are other units of Internet speed measurement.

Units of Internet Speed

Bits per seconds 

Bit is the basic unit of Internet speed. It is the tiniest and slowest unit of speed that a device can attain. However, no modern device runs in bits again. This is because modern-day technology requires a faster connection to work.

Kilobits per seconds

A device that runs in Kilobits per second has a speed of a thousand bits per second. It sounds like a significant figure, but only old devices still run on Kbps. This speed will lag, and you cannot access some information from the internet.

Megabits per seconds

As discussed earlier, this is the standard for measuring the Internet speed of a device. This is because most devices are built to function correctly with this speed. With Mbps, you can easily access most videos, stream music, join Zoom meetings and play video games.

Gigabit per Seconds 

This speed is on the tip of every Internet provider’s tongue. It is agreed that it is way faster than Megabits but also more costly. One Gigabit means a thousand Megabits. Meanwhile,  devices and Internet platforms are tailored to function best at 500Mbps.

Factors Affecting Internet Speed

One way to understand if you need a 1Gb Internet speed is to understand the factors that affect Internet speed. Depending on your internet demand, these factors play a role in determining how fast your connection will be.

Connection Type

Your Internet connection type is essential in determining the speed of the internet. There are different connection types. They include DSL, cable, fibre, and satellite. Each connection differs in price but also differs in the services they provide. Generally, DSL and satellite are cheaper than fibre or cable. Furthermore, the costlier the connection, the better and faster your Internet connection on your device.

Network Congestion 

Network congestion is also an essential parameter in determining your internet connection speed. A network with three people connected will function better than the same router with 15 people joined. This is a typical example of network congestion. The more people connect to a network, the slower the internet connection speed and vice versa.

Hardware Limitations 

Currently, most people use routers for their Internet connections. However, you should know that some routers function better than others. Individuals using routers will also have a faster connection than those using smaller devices like modems. These hardware are also some common causes of slow Internet connection.

It would help if you looked into these factors that affect your internet connection speed and identify the cause of your slow internet speed. After successfully placing the issues, you can now decide whether the 1Gb fast speed advert is for you.

How to Know You Need 1Gb Internet Speed

As a person, your mind might still be fixed on getting the 1Gb connection to get a fast network. If you can easily afford it, then go for it. However, if you want to minimize cost, this section will thoroughly explain the popular internet needs and the connection speed required.

Streaming Internet Videos 

After a hectic day, watching the latest blockbusters is one way to chill out. You can use different platforms to stream movies, and most do not need a 1Gb connection to watch movies online. High-quality platforms like Disney Plus use only 25Mbps per stream. A house of 10 people streaming movies simultaneously will comfortably use 250 Mbps speed. Other lesser platforms like YouTube use about 3Mbps per stream. These estimated values prove that a nuclear family with basic Internet needs does not need a 1Gb connection plan. Even a more prominent family of 10 will not require a 1Gb connection.

Online Multiplayer Games

Most gamers do not like when their games lag and lose due to poor Internet connection. Getting a 1Gb connection might be the wise option out of these issues. However, you should know that game sites send their data in small packets. The rate of your Internet connection does not depend on the speed but on other parameters like latency, packet loss and jitters. These parameters are significant causes of poor Internet connection.

With a good router,  a gamer and his family who stream videos at 4k will still have a fast internet connection (with all parameters for online games at a standard level) without needing the 1Gb Internet connection.

Who Needs a 1Gb Internet Connection?

The people who need and will benefit from the 1Gb Internet speed are those who do business on a large scale. A video editor will help as they will be able to download and upload multiple videos at the same time, hence improving the rate of their work. A big company with over a thousand staff will also make more profit when the employees have a high-speed connection that 1Gb will offer.


In the long run, only those in large-scale business need a 1Gb Internet connection. Individuals who use the internet for video calls, online classes, and games can make do with Mbps network packages and still get quality and lag-free Internet connections.

If your internet is not getting to specific places in your homes or offices, instead of increasing the speed to 1Gb per second, it is advisable to get a good WiFi router extender.


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