Top Ranked Wall-Mounted Electric Patio Heaters and What You Need to Know About Them

Chilling outdoors on the patio during summer sounds excellent until winter arrives. An electric heater is a perfect way to keep your deck and its surroundings warm.

Electric patio heaters are excellent for keeping outdoor temperatures under control and ensuring you are cozy during the wintertime. They are especially beneficial if your patio is limited in the area.

Although electric wall-mounted patio heaters are an excellent heating source, selecting the best one for your needs is way more complicated.

Don’t panic, though. This article about wall-mounted patio heaters will be the perfect guide for your needs. Together, we will go through some of the most excellent heaters to aid you in shortlisting your choices.

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So let’s get straight to selecting a few of these wall-mounted heaters so that you can determine the best one for your needs.

1.Muskoka Remote Control Patio Heater

The Muskoka infrared Heater is among our favorite wall-mounted patio heaters. With a vast 3000W, this heater will keep your patio super warm and cozy.

Please make sure it’s at least 6 – 8 feet high. Otherwise, the temperature might be too severe.

You can connect this heater to any electrical outlet because it is equipped with a standard extension cord. One minor disadvantage is that – coming from a Canadian manufacturer – this heater does not come with a standard US plug. As a result, you will require an adaptor.

This patio heater comes with remote control. If you consider installing multiple heaters around your home, you can operate them all with the same device.


  •       3000W motor is capable of producing a lot of heat.
  •       The extension cord is of standard length and can reach all sockets.
  •       You can use one remote control to control multiple heaters.


  •       It lacks a regular US connector and needs an adaptor.
  •       It has a slight functional degree of difficulty.
  •       If installed too close, 3000W might generate excessive heat.

2. Dr. Infrared Wall-Mounted Patio Heater

Dr. Infrared Wall-Mounted Patio Heater

This particular infrared heater has been one of our favorites for a long time. It has three warming settings (depending on the intensity of the cold air), different mounting choices, and a sturdy structure. It has everything you could expect and more in a well-equipped patio heater.

Because of its novel characteristics, this wall-mounted patio heater is one of its kind.

It’s an attractive device with decent heat output and is more efficient than other patio heaters in this range. Furthermore, since it comes with installation options, you can easily use it inside your home and transport it.

If you don’t want to hang it on the wall or ceiling, this product also has infrared heat sensors to prevent overheating and maintain safety for prolonged periods.

It ranks among a few excellent wall-mounted patio heaters you can get for the price.


  •       Excellent value
  •       Various heating settings and styles
  •       Remote included in the box
  •       Simple to install and relocate
  •       Protection against overheating


  •       Moisture is detrimental to these electric heaters.

3. Kakashi Patio Heater

We like the IP55 moisture resisting technology offered by Kakashi. This keeps rain and other elements of weather from damaging the heater.

Kakashi equips this heater with adjustable controls for setting preferred parameters and maintaining heating safety to keep the machine from becoming excessively warm. The Kakashi Heater is compatible with wall mounts that you can tilt up to a certain angle.

The heating element is mainly backed by an infrared motor that provides a suitable temperature compared with other outdoor heaters in this range.

The unique offering of this electric heater is that it is among the handful of wall-mounted patio heaters that can withstand moisture and other elements of weather.

It also offers tremendous value for your money and gives customers a direct and practical experience.


  •       Weather-resistant IP55 Technology
  •       Strong aluminum alloy frame
  •       Three heat levels
  •       Control multiple outdoor patio heaters with a single remote
  •       Various heat settings
  •       30-degree tilt angle


  •       Consumes a lot of energy to produce heat
  •       No minimalistic design

4. Trustech Patio Wall-Mounted Heaters

Electric Heater for Garage-TRUSTECH 1500W Electric Infrared Heater with Remote

TRUSTECH is the most undersized offering in our list of the best wall-mounted heaters. Despite its small size, this product boasts a significant heat output of 1500W and is ideal for producing hot air and generating instant heat in small floor space.

This heater is quite simple to set up. However, it would help if you relied on the remote control because it lacks mechanical buttons.

Despite its petite build, the TRUSTECH Portable Patio Heater features an automated shut-off mechanism and a long enough power cord.

Whenever the heater surpasses a preset limit, this can help to avoid fire dangers.

It has an integrated timer, so you can regulate when it turns down.


  •       It is pretty lightweight and suitable for tiny areas.
  •       It is equipped with an automated shutdown function to avoid fire threats.
  •       It features an integrated timer.
  •       There are three temperature configurations: standard, medium, and strong.


  •       There are no physical controls, so the controller cannot be misplaced.
  •       The thermal efficiency is adequate just for limited areas.
  •       Users have noticed a buzzing sound emanating from the lower thermal settings.

5. The Swan Al Fresco Heater

It is straightforward and industrially made with a sleek appearance that doesn’t conflict with your patio decoration. It also features a high-efficiency carbon composite heat source and aluminum mirrors that provide maximum heating effectiveness.

It features a controller that prevents your hands from tripping and helps safeguard you and your companions from being injured due to heat.

Many reviews have noted that it is pretty easy to set up the device, and it delivers excellent energy output.


  •       You don’t require a super powerful heat outlet to run this heater.
  •       The output is better than that of an outdoor gas heater.
  •       It’s very cost-effective.


  •       Poor Quality
  •       Not aesthetic
  •       Jittery noises in lower settings

6. Shadow Ultra Patio Wall Heater

This gadget utilizes an L-bracket for installation, and it uses a pivot for movement.

There are three color options to pick from, including black and white for those who want to match the decor of their patio.

In addition, there is a remote-controlled variant of this product. You’ll also get plenty of heat with the 1500W power.

The anodized aluminum construction ensures corrosion resistance and makes the gadget 100 percent waterproof, earning it an IP55 designation.

More than 80% of those who’ve used it have given it a good review.

They’ve found this high-quality heater that’s simple to set up and creates a cozy glow.


  •       Remote control
  •       Auto shut-off after 24 hours
  •       Quickly heats up in 30 seconds
  •       Nine heating presets


  •       No warranty
  •       No dust or weather protection

7. JIYU Wall-Mounted Patio Heater

JIYU Wall-Mounted Patio Heater

The wall heaters from JIYU employ innovative technology to make patio heating secure and straightforward. It is simple to put up and looks fantastic regardless of your patio’s décor.

With a 24-hour thermostat and automatic shutdown built-in, you can keep your area toasty all evening without getting out of bed even if you realize that you left it on.

This heater has the flexibility to slant down or up. The added flexibility allows you to move around without losing heat. You can also control it from anywhere using the added remote.


  •       24-hour timer
  •       90-degree heating angle
  •       Efficient carbon-fiber heaters
  •       Heats up quite fast
  •       Low noise levels
  •       Energy-efficient machine


  •       No warranty
  •       Average build quality

8. The Patioboss Wall-Mounted Patio Heater

PATIOBOSS Electric Patio Heater - Outdoor Heater Wall Mounted Super Quiet

This wall-mounted patio heater is small and straightforward to set up. You may install it over your entryway or connect it to the pillars or railing of your outdoor patio.

The heating element incorporates an infrared golden tubing, which heats your patio within three seconds and silently.

Thanks to the supplied remote, you can set your heater wherever you like without moving to switch it on and off.

Even nicer? You may program this wall heater to turn on at only specific times, and its auto-shut capabilities will keep your children completely secure.


  •       Remote control
  •       Auto shut-off after 24 hours
  •       Quickly heats up in 30 seconds
  •       Nine heating presets


  •       No warranty
  •       No dust or weather protection

9. The Thermoflow HS2400NA

The exquisite design of the Thermoflow HS2400NA has earned it a deserving spot on our list. While it has several outstanding features, the most striking aspects of this particular patio heater are its black chrome plating and a matte finish.

It comes with two temperature settings: 1250W and 2500W. It also has a built-in timer featuring up to 4 hours. One disadvantage of this wall-mounted patio heater is that it lacks manual settings.

The lack of manual settings implies that you can only operate it via remote. If you lose it, there’s nothing you could do—a bummer, but nothing to be concerned about.

Lastly, the Thermoflow HS2400NA has a safety feature. If the component temperature rises over 115°C (235°F), the radiator will shut off.

As previously said, this is a vital element that may aid in preventing unintentional fires.


  •       One of the most stylish outdoor heaters
  •       Works using modern infrared technology
  •       Comes with a ceiling mount
  •       Safety features


  •       Limited outdoor power supply
  •       Lacks warranty

Factors to Keep in Mind Before Buying Wall-mounted Patio Heaters

1. Security Features

Safety is a crucial consideration when purchasing a patio heater. Look for an anti-spillage function that will turn off the heater if tilted beyond a specific angle.

Other safety elements to check for are an oxygen deprivation detector (ODS) and an overfill prevention system (OPD).

2. Design and Other Aspects

Wall-mounted patio heaters are available in various designs, ranging from sleek steel versions to traditional polished brass and enameled colored options.

3. Capability of Output

Before purchasing any wall-mounted patio heater, you should determine the surface area to be heated in square meters. If the space is ample, you should choose a patio heater with higher power output.

You should also check the wall-mounted heater’s adaptability. The less complicated the heat settings, the easier it will be to change the temperature.

You should also consider the heaters’ power capacity since patios demand a more powerful heater than interior rooms.

4. Simple Application

Wall-mounted outdoor heaters should offer energy-saving features to help you preserve electricity and keep you safe. These features include remote control, a vivid LED display, timed choices, and an overheated auto-shutoff.

5. Cost

You should assess the pricing of a patio heater after comparing other features such as power source, range, and heat production.

It would help if you chose a patio heater from a well-known brand with essential functions and a reasonable price.


  •       Wall-mounted patio heaters, what are they?

Wall-mounted patio heaters or patio heaters are open-air radiators placed on a porch or installed on the walls.

Several wall-mounted heaters include remotes and several parameters that allow you to alter the output power and direction of the radiator easily.

  • Are wall-mounted heaters safe?

Yes, wall-mounted heaters have added safety features that make them safer than floor-standing heaters since they cannot be tripped over or bumped against.

They also include safety measures that make them trustworthy and secure so that you may keep these heaters alone.

Nevertheless, you should avoid mounting the heater too near the roof or a hardwood wall since this might cause a fire.



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