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WiFi and Wireless

What is RV WiFi

Staying Connected on the Road: A Guide to RV WiFi

When you’re on the open road, there’s nothing quite like the freedom of being able to go anywhere your heart desires. However, that sense of freedom can quickly disappear when you find yourself without an internet connection. Just because you’re on vacation doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your internet connection! In this article, we’ll …

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Netgear Nighthawk R7000

Top 20 Parental Control Routers to Use in 2022

Most standard routers come with little to no parental controls in place. This allows any connected devices or users to access harmful or inappropriate content. This article lists 20 parental control routers that help you define and monitor access for kids and other users on your wireless network. The list covers budget-friendly options, high-end routers, …

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What is A WiFi Adapter

What are WiFi Adapters Used For?

The internet has become an irreplaceable part of our daily lives, and it’s more or less impossible to go through a day with no or weak internet connection. That’s what WiFi adapters are there for.  Having one of these will make your life so much easier, especially if you are struggling with constant interruptions and …

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Get the Best Wireless Keyboard

Get the Best Wireless Keyboard – A Helpful Buying Guide

Wireless keyboards have become increasingly popular for work, gaming, typing, and other tasks. This is simply due to the sheer comfort and convenience they offer in contrast to standard keyboards. However, different wireless models serve different purposes. Some work great for gaming but not so much for work. Other models are a good fit for …

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8 Best USB WiFi Adapters for Gamers in 2022

Whether you’re an avid gamer or play every now and again when the kids are away, USB wireless adapters are crucial to getting the most out of gaming. Depending on your familiarity with gaming hardware, you may ask yourself what a USB wireless adapter is and how it impacts your gaming life. Let’s read more …

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How Long Does A Wireless Router Last

How Long Does A Wireless Router Last?

Your wireless routermakes it possible for you to hook up to the internet any time you like. It can be very annoying when it suddenly starts disconnecting too often or stops functioning altogether. This happens for a variety of reasons. It might make you wonder ‘how long do WiFi routers last?’ and when it is …

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Connect Two WiFi Routers Wirelessly to Extend Range

Connect Two WiFi Routers Wirelessly to Extend Range?

It is possible to connect two WiFi routers without cable to extend the range of your wireless network. 


Best Wifi Router Under $100

Slow network is a pain in the neck, especially when we plan to watch a movie after a long day or are in the middle of a meeting. Ugh, again?! While these issues may seem minor, they can be troublesome, especially when they happen often.  Finding a wifi router is essential for making your streaming …

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TP-Link TL-WR902AC AC750 Travel Router

10 Best Portable Wireless WiFi Routers Of All Time

These days technological devices seem to be replicating with the fervent intensity of viagra-induced rabbits, and mobile routers are no exception. They can range in size, weight, performance, cost, security, and more.  With so many new gadgets out there, it can be very overwhelming trying to decide which piece of tech would best suit your …

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Best WiFi Router for Your Apartment

It is easy to find a powerful router for big business, but what about getting a high-end WiFi router designed primarily for apartments? Although this may seem like an overwhelming task, we are here to help!  Let’s be real; there is nothing worse than having a low-quality router that ruins your comfy movie nights or …

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