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The Ultimate Guide Best Wireless Earbuds Under $150

The Ultimate Guide: Best Wireless Earbuds Under $150

Have you ever experienced going for a run while wearing casual earphones? Well, neither have we, but they say it is a nightmare. Imagine trying to run while untangling the headphone’s wire. Maybe that was the issue that inspired the inventor of the earbuds to create something so small that can fit in your ear …

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How are Wi-Fi Signals Transmitted

Best Places to Set Up Your Wi-Fi Router

The location of a Wi-Fi router will significantly impact how well your broadband works. Although certain things can make it hard for you to use your internet, starting from electric interference to the space you choose to put it in. Moving your router will not make your Internet connection faster. Still, it will produce consistent …

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7 Best Access Points to Buy

7 Best Wireless Access Points to Buy

Wireless Access Points, commonly referred to as WAPs, allow wireless devices to connect to networks through a wireless standard. Additionally, WAPs are also known as hotspots.  An investment in a WAP can be crucial for your small business or home office because of the strong connection you will have wherever you may need it. While …

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What is A Router How Does It Keep Our WiFi Devices Connected

How Many WiFi Devices Can One Router Support?

WiFi devices are multiplying like rabbits! The average household has 4 devices connected to the WiFi network, and that number is still increasing. With so many devices vying for bandwidth, it can be difficult to maintain a reliable connection on all of them.  This post will answer the question: how many devices can one router …

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Arlo Pro 3 Floodlight Cam

Wifi Smart Camera – How It Works & The 5 Best Options For You

A smart security camera is jam-packed with highly augmented features and advances; whether you’re away from home or want security updates right from your living room, a wifi smart camera can keep an eye on your home even when you can’t. Finding a smart camera can be challenging if you are new to this. But …

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Should You Pay Extra for LTE or A WiFi Enabled Tablet

Should You Pay Extra for LTE or A WiFi Enabled Tablet?

Is a Wi-Fi-only tablet sufficient, or should you consider a 4G or 5G tablet? This expert advice will assist you in selecting the best tablet for your needs without overpaying. Essential Factors There are a variety of factors to think about. These factors include retail pricing, Wi-Fi and LTE availability, convenience, and security, among others. …

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Spectrum WiFi: A Guide to Setting Up and Managing Your Wireless Network 

Spectrum WiFi delivers reliable internet WiFi services in your home or on the go. But what if you need help getting it all set up? In this guide, we’ll show how easy setting up Spectrum Wireless Networking can be, along with ways to troubleshoot if you’re having problems!  Before we get started, let’s quickly go …

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Arlo Pro 4

Smart Home Security Camera Buying Guide

Whether you’re going grocery shopping or taking a long trip, it’s critical to keep your house safe and secure, and a premium wireless security camera with in-demand features can help you with that! These cameras provide you with everything from fantastic video quality and cloud storage to a perfect panoramic view.  The myriad of options …

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Emerson Quiet Kool Air Conditioner

WiFi Portable Air Conditioners You Should Check Out

With a smart air conditioner, you can keep your home cool and comfortable. A smart air conditioner is one that is connected to the Internet via WiFi and can be managed using a smartphone app.  It allows users to execute a variety of remote operations without needing to be at home, which is great if …

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Netgear Nighthawk AC1900 Wi-Fi USB Adapter

Best WiFi Adapter for PC Gaming

If you’re a committed online player, having the best WiFi adapter is important in getting the most out of your connection. It’s critical to have the fastest possible speed that allows for flawless HD streaming video and lag-free computer activities like gaming. WiFi adapters are divided into two categories: USB and PCIe. The most user-friendly …

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