Best Electric Screwdriver for PC Building

Choosing the right screwdriver for PC building is not as difficult as it sounds. There are various kinds of screwdrivers available in the market that give you an opportunity to choose one according to your preference.

Your eyes might catch those fancy electric screwdrivers that come with unavailing features. However, it is suggested not to get fooled by those false claims and go for the cheap and non-fancy ones instead as they are not only affordable, but they also do every possible task of a screwdriver.

In this article, we will present you with a list of the Best Electric Screwdrivers for PC Building, along with their short description to make it easier for you to choose one. So let’s get into it!

Electric Screwdrivers: At a Glance

Check out the table below with individual features of each screwdriver which make them a great option to consider:

Screwdriver Why Buy? Buy on Amazon
Jakemy’s Screwdriver Kit Less than 0.22 mm of rotation concentricity Click Here
AM Arrowmax Cordless Screwdriver Fast charging batteries Click Here
Bosch PS21-2A Pocket Driver Kit Stronger battery and increased torque Click Here
Gocheer Mini Precision Screwdriver Consumes least amount of electricity Click Here
ORIA Electric Screwdriver More than 100 types of bits included Click Here

List of Best Electric Screwdrivers

Below is a combined list of some best screwdrivers that you should consider buying if you are going in for PC building:

1. Jakemy’s Screwdriver Kit With Cordless Electric Torque

Jakemy's Screwdriver Kit With Cordless Electric Torque

Made of aluminium material, the Jakemy’s 28 mm screwdriver is best suited for PSA, PC, XBOX, and more. It is both lightweight and small, making it easier to use and carry along.

The screwdriver comes in two categories, electric mode and manual mode, with both designed with the same specifications but for different uses.

You can rotate this item up to 170 RPMs, and it works for up to 2 hours on full power mode. The screwdriver with the e-mode takes about 1.5 hours to get charged and comes with a battery of 320 mAh.


  • It has an independent switch button with an LED shadowless lamp, designed for a better grip and precision.
  • Its rotation concentricity is below 0.2mm.
  • It comes with a warranty of 1 year.
  • It has a torque length of 2 meters—the best fit for home use.


  • A bit costly

2. AM Arrowmax Cordless Screwdriver

AM Arrowmax Cordless Screwdriver

Weighing only 12.4 ounces, this screwdriver is square-style-headed and is made of aluminum. This one comes with four adjustable torque and dual mode.

It also has a Type-C USB charging port and an adjustment button for the torque mode. For giving you the perfect and efficient PC building experience, this SES model screwdriver is designed with a magnetic grip.


  • The USB charging is fast.
  • The bits have printed labels, so you can notice them easily.
  • The display shows the battery status and torque settings.
  • Torque mode works perfectly if you have sensitive areas to operate on.


  • No additional bits or parts are served along with the product.

3. Bosch PS21-2A Pocket Driver Kit with Max Speed

Bosch PS21-2A Pocket Driver Kit with Max Speed

The new Bosch PS21-2A 12V Pocket Driver is a big step up from the earlier model (the PS20-2A). Let’s just say that Bosch has completely redesigned the insides of this driver, tripling its torque and making it a lot smaller.

The brand also made the lithium-ion battery stronger, giving the tool more power and showing how serious Bosch is about its technology.

The goal of the tool is to meet the needs of a wide range of users, from contractors who want a handy, portable driver to homeowners who require a strong, lightweight solution for all their small project needs.


  • This screwdriver uses hex-head bits that allow you to attach and remove bits easily.
  • The brand offers a 30-day money-back guarantee and a one-year performance warranty.


  • Doesn’t have a battery indicator

4. Gocheer Mini Precision Screwdriver Set 115 in 1

Gocheer Mini Precision Screwdriver Set 115 in 1

Coming with a magnetizer inside, the Gocheer Mini screwdriver is designed to provide efficiency and gives precise, smooth cutting and sharp results. Its durability and RPM are next level, and its pack includes a variety of bits, making it the perfect choice for PC building.

It has a horsepower of 550 Watts; thus, it takes less time to drill and works systematically for longer hours. It is portable and has the best mini chainsaw that comes in handy when operating in troublesome situations.


  • This product consumes only 24 Volts of electricity.
  • The kit has two sets of screwdrivers


  • Some of its bits are not durable.
  • Few of the elements that come in the kit are of no use.


ORIA Electric Screwdriver

ORIA Electric Screwdriver

Its small size and easy-to-operate technology make the 1.6-ounce Orin precision screwdriver one of the best options for PC building. This screwdriver comes with a kit that has 120 different types of bits in a 142-in-1 set.

Other than that, its other features and settings include LED lighting, Type-C USB charging, and an ergonomic electric handle. The PC Building Oria Precision Kit also comes with a screwdriver for the PlayStation 5 and a torque screwdriver for the PC.

This item is made with a flexible gooseneck so that it can measure the hard-to-measure parts. It also has a portable screwdriver set that makes it easy to use. One can easily operate this screwdriver in multiple auto modes.


  • It comes with two extendable shafts, making PC building effortless.
  • It also comes with a crowbar.
  • No batteries are required.


  • The bits might be of less quality, so keep in mind to use only the best quality bits with the item.

Things to Keep in Mind

To unscrew and put the pieces back together effortlessly, you must understand which screwdriver would best suit your PC build. Given below are a few factors that you must consider before making a purchase:


If you are working on a time-taking project, you need a screwdriver that can provide you with good features and settings to simplify your task. Some electrical screwdrivers are equipped with a switch that allows the user to change the direction in which the screwdriver is spinning.

This makes it just as easy to take out the screws as it is to screw them in, giving you more flexibility. A clutch is another crucial variable that helps to modify the torque.

Thus, you need to confirm the settings that are offered since some screwdrivers feature an option that controls the reverse switch rather than the clutch. Pick an electric screwdriver that has settings you can easily adjust to match your requirements.

The Chunk

A screwdriver bit is hooked to an area called chunk. There are both chunks with keys and chunks without keys. As the name suggests, chunks with keys require a special type of key in order to tighten the chunk.

Whereas the other ones require a different method to do so. It is essential to check that the screwdriver bit can fit into the chunk of the electric screwdriver before making your purchase.

Note: If you are buying a screwdriver that requires keys, ensure you don’t lose the key, as it could be difficult to get a new one.


The features included in an electric screwdriver go a long way toward making the tool’s use easy and pleasant for the person using it.

Comfort grips and LED lighting are two examples of characteristics that contribute to an increased level of convenience. An option to lock the spindle is available on some electric screwdrivers.

As a result, operators are able to operate the electric screwdriver in the same way that they would use a manual screwdriver. Even while such characteristics do not influence the job’s quality, they make it simpler to do the work.

Screwdriver’s Power

Based on the electricity and wattage your house can hold, always prefer a driver that uses fewer watts. Preferably around 450 – 705 Watts. If you want your driver to maintain good condition, go for one that uses a high voltage supply.

The lesser the electricity, the fewer the chances are for your screwdriver to work like a hawk. The best working ones are around 18 Volts, and they can come down to 3.6 Volts of electricity. Thus, it is essential to look out for ones that save you money on electricity bills.

The Budget

It is essential that you invest in a screwdriver that offers excellent value for the money. It is a fallacy to presume that the screwdriver with the highest price tag is also the finest. It is essential to look at various criteria in addition to the cost. Try not to assume that cheaper screwdrivers are of worse quality just because they cost less. Before passing judgment on the screwdriver based on its cost, try to consider its true value.

Speed and torque

The right screw speed is based on the task at hand. RPM, or rotations per minute, is a way to measure how fast the crew is moving. If you plan to work with heavy materials or have a lot of work to do, you might want to think about getting an electric screwdriver with a higher speed. A screwdriver with low rotations per minute is best for everyday tasks around the house.

When working with soft wood, you will need less torque. Whereas for hardwood, buying one with more torque is essential. Some modern electric screwdrivers have settings that let you choose how much torque and speed the screwdriver has.

Straight Electric Drivers

If you’re planning to work on a PC and other hardware, always go for straight electric screwdrivers. They are designed with a screwing system that will protect you in all aspects.

Other safe options include a pistol driver, which gives you a good grip to hold, and a right-angled driver tends to help you reach tighter areas easily.


Here are some frequently asked questions that might help you choose your electric screwdriver without any confusion:

Is it safe to use a magnetic screwdriver on electronics?

The magnets used in producing magnetic screwdrivers are not powerful enough to damage your electrical devices in any way. They are equally effective at holding onto the small screws present in your device.

How strong is an electric screwdriver?

An electric screwdriver’s battery power usually varies from 4 to 12 volts. A higher voltage choice provides you with greater speed and power.

Can I drill holes using an electric screwdriver?

Electric screwdrivers are not meant for drilling, as they are cordless. Although, one can still use an electric screwdriver to make small holes in softwood.

What else can I use an electric screwdriver for?

Electric screwdrivers allow you to perform various tasks with the same tool. This tool enables accurate and speedy screw insertion. Electric screwdrivers also feature a strong drill that produces a long-lasting effect.

Are electric screwdrivers worth it?

One of the best things about cordless screwdrivers is that they are small enough to fit into small spaces (like electrical boxes) and do jobs requiring smaller screws. These can also be fitted with angled drive heads, making them easier to work in hard-to-reach places.

Final Thoughts- Screwdrivers, the perfect tool for PC building!

A perfect electric screwdriver reaches screws in small, tight spaces, and its small size makes it easy to carry, store, and use. It’s easy for beginners and experts to use because of its easy technology and many features. It has less power than a drill screwdriver, which helps one save money on electric bills.

An electric screwdriver not only gets the job done quickly, but also uses batteries that can be charged or changed for the longer durability of the product. Their lower torque makes them the best choice for light-duty jobs like building a PC, which needs a light touch because a stronger tool could damage what we are working on.

We hope this article helped you choose your perfect screwdriver.

Thanks for reading!

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