5 Reasons You May Need a WiFi Range Extender

It is the 21st century, and a good network is vital. Almost everything done on an electronic device needs a good internet connection. For most homes and offices, WiFi provides the connection. However, no matter how good a WiFi router is, it can only reach some parts of a building. Fortunately, a WiFi range extender can help your connection go farther.

A WiFi range extender is also known as a WiFi booster 0or WiFi network extender. You can purchase it at an electronic shop, and it promises to offer value for your money. If you are still trying to convince, this article explores five reasons to get a WiFi range extender.

5 Reasons You Need a WiFi Range Extender

5 Reasons You May Need a WiFi Range Extender

Getting a WiFi range extender should be at the top of your priority list. Mainly if all your activities depend on a good internet connection. Below are five reasons why you should get one

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1. Internet Connection Cannot Get to Every Part of a Building

Most people believe the toilet of a building holds the best connection and never the living room. While this might be true for some, it can also be the opposite. The only truth is that some parts of a building receive no internet connection.

This might be due to the architectural structure of the building, such as the walls and floor. Moreover, the poor connection cannot be gotten rid of quickly.

Any area where the internet connection is poor or almost non-existent is termed the Dead spot. A dead spot is a part of a building where the WiFi signal transmitted by the router is too weak to support a solid connection.

Also, aside from dead spots, a typical WiFi router is positioned in one place, except it is a mini WiFi. If the WiFi router is set, only those close to the router will enjoy a stable Internet connection.

Those farther away from the router’s bandwidth will be inhibited from having a good connection. Both reasons highlighted under this point indicate why you should purchase a WiFi router extender. The extender will allow the internet connection to reach every nook and cranny of the building.

2. Assurance of a Faster Connection

Aside from getting a connection to every part of a building, a WiFi router extender also promises faster speed. A WiFi router extender has features that allow you to unlock particular possibilities with your WiFi router.

The WiFi router extender can help upgrade your network to the latest technology. Also, some old routers need to support AC. This prevents the router from having access to a fast connection.

With the help of a WiFi router extender, these speeds can be included in your router. In summary, all you need to get fantastic speed is a WiFi router (old or new) and a WiFi range extender to give you the fastest internet experience.

3. Supports Multiple Devices

Let’s take a typical home of four.  The father will need an internet connection to attend his virtual meetings and communicate with his company on the progress of his work.

The mother might be a stay-at-home mum who enjoys streaming Netflix and other movie platforms to watch the latest series.

On the other hand, the kids will want to stay on trend with social media and practice all the new TikTok dances.

One way or the other, four phones are using the same WiFi router. This indicates that the router will not be able to perform at its best. In this situation, a WiFi router will experience network lagging.

Sometimes, it might even make it difficult for some parties to connect. In this situation, a WiFi router extender steps in. Its primary function is to assist the WiFi router in providing the same fast speed to multiple devices connected to the single router.

4. Easy Installation

Most electrical devices need professionals to set them up. This is because specific rules and guidelines must be followed to prevent device damage. Luckily, WiFi router extenders are one of the most accessible equipment one can install.

It’s as easy as a child setting it up with the proper guidance (although this is not advisable). To set up a WiFi router extender, all you need to do is follow the instruction manual. Pay attention to the plug-and-play functionality and the set-up wizards to get your WiFi router extender up and running.

Since installing the extender is relatively easy, why not get the best internet connection possible?

5. Flexibility

Once you taste a good drink, you will likely always want more of the best drinks. When you get a WiFi router extender, you will love the peace and joy of a fast Internet connection you want to experience every time.

This means you might feel a particular urge to use the extender outside. This feeling is mutual, and it is a sign of satisfaction. Nonetheless, it is also good to note that the craving for a good internet connection outside can be satisfied.

You should work on the verandah or the balcony; the flexibility of the router extender will help you ensure that.

All you need to do is move the extender to a spot close to the exterior of your house and reinstall it there. Remember, installing the router extender is easy as long as you get to follow the instructions.

After reinstalling the router extender, you can get the best internet connection outside your house for a wide bandwidth range.


It would be best if you were on your way to the electronics shop to get your WiFi router extender. This device is a must-have for every family and business owner who uses an internet connection regularly.

Luckily, it is harmless and poses no threat to the environment and you. It is advisable to keep the device out of reach of infants so their curious minds don’t spoil it. If you love ease and speed and want the best internet connection, purchase a WiFi router extender as soon as possible.


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