How to Find Wi-Fi Passwords on IOS Systems 

IOS devices are becoming so popular that they have become a part of our everyday lives. Individuals own a Macbook, an iPhone, or other IOS operating system devices. As common as these devices are amongst us, knowing that an IOS device can only function effectively with a good internet connection is essential.

Aside from IOS users, a good internet connection is necessary for our everyday lives. However, there are situations where the password for the Wi-Fi that supplies this connection is needed. A Wi-Fi password protects your network from intruders. For this reason, it is essential to set a robust and reliable password that cannot easily be hacked.

The problem with a strong password is that you may need to share the password with guests or troubleshoot connectivity issues, and you need help remembering the Wi-Fi password. If you are an IOS user and are in such a situation, this article will provide easy methods to access your passwords on your IOS device.

How Is Wi-Fi Password Stored in an IOS Device

How to Find Wi-Fi Passwords on IOS Systems 

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To retrieve a Wi-Fi password, one must understand how the passwords are initially stored in an IOS device. A critical aspect of network security is preserving and managing Wi-Fi passwords. Wi-Fi passwords are generally stored in a secure component of IOS devices called the Keychain. The Keychain is a centralized repository for various types of sensitive data, including passwords, certificates, and cryptographic keys.

The first time an IOS user connects to a Wi-Fi network and inputs the password, the Keychain stores the information. Subsequently, the user will not need to supply the password whenever he needs to connect to the network. This is because an IOS device can easily retrieve the password from the Keychain component.

IOS Security Features You Should Be Familiar With

The IOS security features are terms every IOS user should know. Understanding these terms will allow you to easily navigate when getting a Wi-Fi password or sort out any other network-related issues.

Data Protection 

All iOS devices use Data Protection. The data protection feature is a built-in encryption mechanism used to safeguard user data at rest and in transit. Wi-Fi passwords stored in the Keychain are encrypted using a combination of the user’s passcode and device-specific keys, ensuring that they remain inaccessible to unauthorized entities.

Secure Enclave

A secure enclave is a hardware component that handles cryptographic operations, ensuring sensitive data’s integrity. The security enclave hardware protects the Wi-Fi passwords stored in the Keychain.

Keychain Access Control

Specific access controls also protect the Keychain. When a password is to be retrieved, the owner must provide certain biometrics like a thumbprint or face I.D. that has previously been registered. This ensures that only the user and those he registered can have access to retrieve the passwords. These access controls help to safeguard the network connection further.

How to Find Wi-Fi Passwords on IOS Systems

Different methods can be used to find Wi-Fi passwords on IOS devices. These methods range from simple to slightly complex. However, the methods are easy to understand if instructions are followed carefully.

IOS Settings Method

The IOS setting method is the simplest method that can be used to retrieve Wi-Fi passwords. This method, however, will require you to have physical access to the IOS device. It will also need you to provide a means of authentication. The means of authentication is a way to prove that you own the IOS device and the Wi-Fi. Below is the step-by-step process to retrieve Wi-Fi passwords on IOS devices.

Procedures to Access Wi-Fi Passwords

  • On the home screen, locate the settings app and open it.
  • In the settings menu, click on the Wi-Fi option.
  • Select your desired network and click on it to view the details.
  • To reveal the password, provide the necessary information, such as the biodata that was asked to be supplied.

Using Keychain Access

As mentioned earlier, the Wi-Fi passwords are stored in the Keychain of IOS devices. Using the Keychain Access method is very convenient If you are using a macOS on a Macbook. This method offers a convenient way to retrieve Wi-Fi passwords synced with the iCloud Keychain. This allows you to manage network credentials.

Step-by-step Process on How to Access Wi-Fi Passwords 

  • On your Macbook, open the finder and search for the Application folder.
  • Click in the application folder and look for a subfolder called the Utilities folder.
  • In the Utilities folder, locate and double-click on the Keychain Access application to launch it.
  • Provide the necessary command details for authentication that the device belongs to you.
  • Once authenticated, the Keychain app will open.
  • On the app, you will see a list of information stored in the Keychain.
  • Scroll and click on the Wi-Fi password option.
  • Double-click on the Wi-Fi name that you desire.
  • The password will be displayed for you.

This method is easy to use and can be done as often as possible.

Using the Third-Party Apps

Aside from the conventional methods of accessing Wi-Fi passwords on IOS, there is another method of retrieving your password. This method is called the Third-Party Apps method. In simple terms, Third-Party Apps are applications designed to help users securely store and manage their network credentials. Typically, these apps offer password encryption, synchronization across devices, and convenient access to stored passwords.

The different apps have different guides for accessing your Wi-Fi passwords. These apps can be gotten from the App Store. Various kinds of apps can help you access your Wi-Fi password.

  • Wi-Fi Password Managers: Several Wi-Fi password manager apps are available on the App Store and are designed to help users securely store and manage their network credentials.
  • Wi-Fi Scanner Apps: Some apps allow users to scan for nearby Wi-Fi networks and retrieve passwords for networks they have previously connected to.
  • Network Utility Apps: Certain apps offer a range of network utilities, including Wi-Fi password retrieval, network analysis, and troubleshooting tools.


Accessing the password for Wi-Fi on your IOS device is a simple task that can be done quickly and within minutes. For this reason, IOS Wi-Fi users are encouraged to use strong passwords without the fear of being unable to remember. When the Wi-Fi password is required, follow any easy steps to access it.



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