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WiFi Equipments

Netgear Nighthawk AC1900 Wi-Fi USB Adapter

Best WiFi Adapter for PC Gaming

If you’re a committed online player, having the best WiFi adapter is important in getting the most out of your connection. It’s critical to have the fastest possible speed that allows for flawless HD streaming video and lag-free computer activities like gaming. WiFi adapters are divided into two categories: USB and PCIe. The most user-friendly …

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WiFi Adapters and the Best Buys

WiFi Adapters and the Best Buys

A strong WiFi connection is a current requirement, even more so in houses with numerous people who need to work, play, or be entertained. But, as you do so, you may find yourself in strange parts of kitchens, closets, or cellars where your WiFi does not extend. The most effective technique to boost your WiFi …

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How Do Dual-Band Routers Work

What Is Dual Band WiFi? Learn About It Here

Dual-band routers broadcast two separate signals, one on the 2.4GHz frequency and one on the 5GHz frequency. Devices that can only connect to a 2.4GHz network will connect to the router on the 2.4GHz frequency, and devices that can connect to a 5GHz network will connect to the router on the 5GHz frequency. Some dual-band …

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Wifi Outdoor Speakers

Wifi Outdoor Speakers – How To Choose The Right One

Whether you are planning to upgrade your residence’s sound system or just want to make your next pool party a banger, outdoor speakers are here to save the day. Outdoor speakers blend high functionality with impressive audio quality and cutting-edge designs to elevate your music experience.  However, there is no denying that there are hundreds …

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How to Set Up QoS

How to Prioritize WiFi to the Devices That Need It Most

If your household is like most, then you probably have quite a few gadgets and devices trying to access the internet all day long and at the same time. This can result in a lack of internet access when it really counts.  A lack of bandwidth can also sabotage the function of critical websites that …

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Best Wifi Routers for Multiple Devices

Best WiFi Routers for Multiple Devices

If you are currently working from home and possibly have a partner and kids also hooked up to your wireless network, then you know how easy it is to encounter a bottleneck of connections that freezes all of your screens.  An example of a worst-case scenario for you could be that your work process requires …

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Inkjet vs Laser: The Ultimate Showdown

What’s The Best Printer for Home and Home Office Use?

There is a good chance if you are working at a desk job you are also working from home. There are plenty of aspects about the office some of us don’t miss as much or use, however, one aspect we all still need for our tasks is the almighty printer! With many responsibilities being localized …

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Get the Best Wireless Keyboard

Get the Best Wireless Keyboard – A Helpful Buying Guide

Wireless keyboards have become increasingly popular for work, gaming, typing, and other tasks. This is simply due to the sheer comfort and convenience they offer in contrast to standard keyboards. However, different wireless models serve different purposes. Some work great for gaming but not so much for work. Other models are a good fit for …

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Best Wifi Router Under $100

Slow network is a pain in the neck, especially when we plan to watch a movie after a long day or are in the middle of a meeting. Ugh, again?! While these issues may seem minor, they can be troublesome, especially when they happen often.  Finding a wifi router is essential for making your streaming …

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Best WiFi Router for Your Apartment

It is easy to find a powerful router for big business, but what about getting a high-end WiFi router designed primarily for apartments? Although this may seem like an overwhelming task, we are here to help!  Let’s be real; there is nothing worse than having a low-quality router that ruins your comfy movie nights or …

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