Modem Vs. Router Vs. Switch – A Comparison Guide

Hopping on your browser, streaming movies, games, music, and more seamlessly via Wi-Fi or the internet seems easy, right? Well, yes, it is when you have a network that is equipped with must-have devices.   Modems, routers, and switches are some of the most common elements of a networking system. But how can you differentiate

Weak WiFi Security and What to Do About It

You must know how it feels when we’re in a meeting or at home trying to get some work done, and our WiFi just isn’t cutting it – we’ve all been there!  You must also know the feeling when every time you try to open your internet browser, a page pops up, letting you know

Protecting Your WiFi from Jamming: Tips & Tricks to Stay Protected

It’s hard to imagine, but WiFi jamming is a real thing. It’s an easy way for someone to intercept the signal of any wireless local area network that they come across. The WiFi networks that you’re trying so hard to protect are constantly being targeted by these jammers, and it can be really difficult to